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RotoZip Zip Saws Review

RotoZip Zip Saws Review

If you’re a handyman that does work around the house, fancy yourself an amateur carpenter, or have some other project that involves cutting wood, the Rotozip line of zipsaws are a viable low-to-midrange set of tools that can help you get the job done without breaking the bank. A number of fine saws can be found on the Rotozip line. Spiral saws and zip saws will allow you to cut into a material without a guide hole or any kind of support material. This makes awkward angles and cutting along things like baseboard and into corners a reality. An essential tool for any handyman’s toolbelt, the Rotozip line of zip saws will impress you with their functionality, ease of use, and a line of interchangeable attachments and blade sizes. The new cut-off saw, which Rotozip says is one-of-a-kind, is also a good addition to the line. Rotozip features several saws, including spiral saws and cut-off saws, all of which are tested and designed specifically with professionals in mind. They don’t seem to sacrifice much design, though, so anyone can pick them up and use them.

The RZ2000 Variable Speed Spiral Saw comes packaged with all kinds of goodies, including several bits, a carrying case, and attachments which Rotozip boasts will allow for a diverse range of products from tile to laminate. Much like other Rotozip saws, the RZ2000 is 120 volts and is corded. The on/off switch on the front is an important safety feature, and the saw is ergonomic and comfortable. The RZ1500 is along the same lines, features many of the same in-the-box accessories, but is a little less ergonomic and functional than the RZ2000 while coming in at a cheaper price.

Finally, the RFS1000 cut-off saw is a multipurpose tool and is incredibly easy to use. It features a small saw mounted with a plastic guard that makes for easy maneuverability and sits well in the hand. This nifty little device looks kind of like a grinder or some sort of warped dentistry tool; if you’re experienced with tools it will look like a very small circular saw, which it is. You will also be surprised at how easily it can cut into material without fighting back. As someone who was always taught never to since a circular saw, this is a welcome change. Kits will vary from store to store, but will generally include a detachable auxiliary handle, either a wood or tile blade, and a dust collection kit, all of which will ensure you get the most out of your saw.

Rotozip’s lines of saws are known for delivering quality cuts, and have become a standard for handheld saws in today’s power tool market. They can cut a variety of materials from drywall and plywood to metal and tile, depending on the type of blade you have, making Rotozip incredibly versatile. The variable speed means that Rotozip’s saws rarely jam, though you should always take precautions when cutting. The cut-off saws feature either electroplated or sintered diamond, allowing you to plunge into anything from steel to ceramic. The bits also do their job well, so you can cut safely and quickly. Rotozip advertises kits that are targeted to specific jobs like drywall as well as more general kits for all-around purpose. While I typically find this type of thing to be gimmicky, these saws handle well and it’s nice to know there are a variety of potions out there.

It’s easy to recommend the Rotozip line of zip saws, particularly the maneuverable cut-off saw. They are moderately priced; the RZ2000 is pricey at $156.99 while the RZ1500, though somewhat less functional and advanced than its cousin, boasts an affordable $106.99 pricetag. The RFS1000 cut-off saw comes in at an incredible $99.99. This last tool is the one that I would recommend the most. Chances are you don’t have anything like it in your toolbox right now, and you’ll get a plethora of uses out of it. Rotozip claims to have the most advanced cutting tools on the argument, and while that may be a bit of an exaggeration, there’s a lot to be impressed with here. And there are a number of affordable accessories found on Rotozip’s website that will help you get any job done, no matter what you’re trying to cut. You should be careful, though, and ensure that you know the job you want to do before you invest in too many accessories. Otherwise, things could get pricey. This line of zip saws also comes with a limited factory warranty, and though we can’t test things until they break, chances are your Rotozip will last you a while. So whether you work as an HVAC or drywall installer or need a saw for a one-off job, it’s safe to say you’ll get good use out of a Rotozip.

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