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by The Review CrewApril 19, 2011


I have to admit when I first saw this product I was thinking wow that’s kinda weird looking. I was game though, I put my Verizon Wireless iPad into the molded case and gave it a whirl.  This thing is very handy to have.  Instantly I knew they were on to something. The beaded arms are bend but they have strength and stay where they are put.  This comes in handy in a number of situations.  Is it the one case that you will ever need; no.   It isn’t the case you want in your lap, they do have an illustration on the box with the Yogi wrapped on a knee but that only works if you are skinny and since 65 percent of the people reading this article aren’t I’m not sure how that will play out ;p

All in all it is a pretty nifty device, and if you find yourself needing to hang your iPad on a bar, or stand it up to watch television or use as an alarm clock, the gorillamobile Yogi for iPad is the way to go.

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