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Jura Capresso IMPRESSA S9 One Touch Coffee Center Review

Jura Capresso IMPRESSA S9 One Touch Coffee Center Review

The Jura Capresso IMPRESSA S9 One Touch Coffee Center is a luxury brand automatic espresso machine worthy of the name “IMPRESSA”.  It will certainly IMPRESSA you! The stainless steel look and sleek design are sure to make for interesting conversation while the amazing tasting coffee, espresso, latte macchiato’s and cappuccino’s will certainly make you the envy of the day.

If you are new to the whole “Automatic Coffee Center” thing, let us hip you to it.  Basically they are a godsend.  All automatic machines do some of the same things like you can put your cup under the magic spout click the button and it grinds beans and spits coffee out.  That’s wonderful, especially in the morning when you can’t see straight and you just want to start your morning Coffee Intravenous drip!  That’s where they stop being alike though.  After that it’s all about design, technology, and engineering.  Jura Capresso has been consistantly first to market on One Touch beverages.  The S9 will let you make  cappuccino, café mocha, latte or latte macchiato with just the touch of one button.  It does it EVERYTHING you need to make a perfect product.  So even in that morning stuper… you can treat yourself to the luxury of a latte macciato without engaging your brain!

Features and Benefits

  • One Touch  cappuccino and latte macchiato buttons. Never move the cup!
  • 2-line  Alpha/Graphic LED display with graphics bar that indicates progress of the  brewing process.
  • Insulated  stainless steel milk container, 20 oz.; keeps cold milk cold for up to 8 hours.
  • Four  beverage buttons all individually programmable for cup size, strength, and  temperature.
  • One à  la carte button with unique rotary dial to override pre-sets.
  • Three  hot water temperature settings for all types of tea from green, herb and fruit  teas at the temperature of your choice.
  • Newly  designed height adjustable dual coffee spouts accommodate extra tall cups (up  to 6” high)
  • Stainless  steel cup warming platform.
  • Commercial  solid steel conical burr grinder, sound insulated, with 6 fineness settings and  a 10 ounce bean container.
  • Electronic  bean level sensor never lets you run out of beans, preventing weak coffees.
  • Pre-ground  coffee funnel for flavored/coated pre-ground coffee.
  • Two  separate stainless steel lined ThermoBlock heating systems – always ready for  coffee and steam, no downtime, no contact with aluminum.
  • 18  bar power pump – always high pressure brewed coffee with crema… always perfect!
  • Clearyl  water care system – makes decalcifying virtually obsolete.
  • Automatic  display messages including integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning.
  • Cup  brewing illumination.
  • Programming  / Maintenance / Information accessed via the Rotary Dial.
  • Extra  large water tank 96 oz., ideal for frequent use.
  • Energy  Saving Settings.

The coffee, strength, temperature of the water, and the quantity of your “Large, Medium and Small” coffee products can all be programmed in with a few button presses.  You can over-ride the settings on a cup-by-cup basis as well simply by holding the dial down and releasing when your cup is filled to the level you want.  The intuitive user interface really shines with Jura Capresso and it is one of the reasons why the Jura Capresso brand is a favorite for us.

Energy Saving Modes – Go Green!

Choose from three energy settings, both heating systems always  in stand-by for immediate use of the coffee or the steam heating block, or set  the machine to automatically lower either the steam heating block or both  heating blocks if you don’t use it all the time. This will save energy. Push  any button and the S9 One Touch will heat up in less than 20 seconds.

Conclusion –

We love Jura Capresso and their IMPRESSA S9.  Even though it’s been around quite awhile it is an outstanding machine, and an excellent way to enjoy your favorite coffee beverages.  We looked around the web and found a reputable place that sells the Jura Capresso IMPRESSA S9 at a good price.  They offer excellent support, they will understand your needs and can offer you advice, products to maintain your machine, and instructional videos.  They also help support our efforts here, and we appreciate that.  So please check them out and if you want a Jura Capresso IMPRESSA S9 be sure to get it from 1stincoffee.com.

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