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Day 3 – Wizard World Comic Con 2011 – Chicago, ILAs

Day 3 – Wizard World Comic Con 2011 – Chicago, ILAs

We had a great time at the Wizard World Comic Con on Day 3.  There were a lot of celebs there, some very famous, and some dwindling.  They were all interested in selling their photographs (some for charity and some for profit), some had great attitudes and showed a lot of love for their fans, and some did not.

The biggest disappointment of the day was meeting Patrick Stewart.  We introduced ourselves, and said we were with the press.  (We had all the official blessings from Wizard World the press armband, our credentials)  He smiled and spoke to us for a minute, told us we couldn’t take any pictures.  His publicist was right next to him and he blamed him for that.  I thought it was a bit much, but hey maybe he doesn’t like the press.  Fair enough.  I moved on.  The biggest disappointment was standing in line to speak with Tia Carrere and seeing a normal looking fan with about $200 worth of Patrick Stewart swag (from the table, no personal items) come up to him.  He signed the swag, took the money, chatted for a few seconds and the guy said “Well it was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Stewart you have been a hero of mine for a long time” and extended his hand for a parting shake.  Patrick Stewart left the man hanging saying he doesn’t shake hands.  Incredible.  I grew up watching him on Star Trek Next Generation.  I loved him as Ahab, Scrooge, and in Xmen.  I will never be a fan again.

Tia wouldn’t let us take photos.  Neither would the little guy from Terminator Edward Furlong who looked overfed and just like he had missed his morning coffee (so I don’t blame him).

Erin Gray was a real sweet heart, she was incredibly accessible and very down to earth.  She is doing a LOT of work with a few of her projects, is one of her websites.  They are currently expanding, but the basic idea is she represents a lot of talent and can get you that childhood hero for corporate events, celebrity speaking engagments, etc…

Erin is also a Tai Chi master she teaches at the Heel and Soul Tai Chi school in Encino California regularly.  Erin is a great lady, we loved her in Buck Rogers, and Silver Spoons.  She is currently working on a movie called Timberwolf which is in pre-production and just finished another movie called Nesting.



You got it, Rikishi from WWE was there.  He was incredible, down to earth and able to have a nice chat with us.  Talk about heroes, this guy represents for all the big guys out there, he has the moves, he can dance, and of course is one bad ass wrestler.  He’s working on a lot of projects, one in particular is a new website called “Territory League“.  It has a really nice idea that is catching fire…  City v. City wrestling.  They have live pod casts Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The best part of it… it’s FREE.  Rikshi represents Las Vegas, and has a wrestling school down there.  He teaches you everything you need to know to become the ultimate wrestler.


  You remember The Original INCREDIBLE HULK don’t you?  Lou Ferrigno.  What a great guy, nice as can be, he allowed us to take a picture and once he found out we were fans too he came out and took one with us.  He’s really a great guy.  After doing several episodes of King of Queens, he did another Incredible Hulk film where he played the voice of the security guard, and is currently filming the Avengers as the voice of the Hulk.



Juwanna Mann’s Miguel A. Núñez Jr was a great guy.  He was all about the kids when we saw him.  It’s great to see a guy that has a great sense of humor  is down to earth and is all about his fans (even the small ones).  Miguel has been working steadily on projects like Breathe which just finished this year, and he has a book out. It is available online in print or ebook format.  The book is entitled “HOLYWOOD BREAK-IN” and is available here.




You remember Peter Mayhew a.k.a. “CHEWBACCA” in the original Star Wars movie?  Here he is. His wife was there helping out, and she was a sweet heart.  Peter wasn’t feeling very well on Day 3 but he was sticking it out for his fans and that was an outstanding gesture as so many celebrities won’t go that far.  Peter was very nice and down to earth.  He just finished a new Children’s book.  We don’t have the name of the book right now,  but we will get it today on day 4 and report back.  He’s doing a reading so if you go to Comic Con today you will be able to catch that reading and get more information at that time.





Another sweet heart, and down to earth was the Baywatch Babe Erika Eleniak.  She’s been busy Night at the Carriage House is reportedly a current project (IMDB), Desperate Housewives, and CSI are among the things that Erika has been up to in the past few years.  We had a nice little chat with her and are big fans.


All in all we had a great time, we’ll be going back today for the final day and we’ll post some more pics tomorrow.





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