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TC Helicon MP-75 Vocal Performance Microphone Review

by The Review CrewSeptember 25, 2011

What separates the performance microphones of today from Bob Parker’s Price is Right model of yesteryear? Aside from an extremely long ostrich neck design, microphone upkeep hasn’t been nearly as well maintained as the average performer might believe. Due to a grocery list of varying styles and designs, there is good reason for a performer to own a microphone and become bonded to it. To find an Excalibur to your King Arthur, if you will.

The TC-Helicon MP-75 “modern performance” microphone has some aesthetic draw. With a length of 7 and ¼” the MP-75 will not evoke imagery of ridiculous game show hosts. As with any modern microphone, the pop filter is behind the wire mesh and won’t rub off after a particularly sweaty performance. The body of the mic is made of zinc, which is handy for any vitamin deficiencies you may suffer from. That was a bad joke.

TC Helicon’s MP-75 microphone is designed with a ‘patented dual material diaphragm’ with a light, more rigid section for optimizing higher frequencies and a more flexible section for the lower frequencies. A Lismer dynamic capsule is housed within the unit, for ‘close up’ mic usage. A rapper’s delight.

Now this review has read as standard as any microphone review possibly can. The market is essentially monolithic and that is mostly due to a lack of imagination concerning design which we may author a treatise on later. What sets the MP-75 apart from the competition and makes this microphone truly investment worthy is the patented mic control circuit. The small shield shaped button on the microphone that engages your vocal pedal or a function of your choice through USB configuration.

That’s too dang cool.

What we would have liked to see on the MP-75 however would be some sort of grip tape. Why don’t microphones come with better grips? Anyone who has performed for a minimum of 23 minutes recognizes that sweaty palms and frantic hip gyrations could result in the loss of a microphone. Help us out!

The TC Helicon MP-75 is the vorpal sword of performance microphones. The sound quality is remarkably clear and crispy, which when paired with one of TC Helicon’s industry leading pedals will effectively turn you into a paragon of all that is funky and good in the universe.

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