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SONY Bravia KDL-46NX720 and KDL-55NX720 3D LED LCD Television Review

SONY Bravia KDL-46NX720 and KDL-55NX720 3D LED LCD Television Review

I’ve heard all kinds of terms thrown around when reading reviews of the of the KDL-NX720 series televisions from the SONY Bravia line.  I was honestly wondering why reviewers were throwing around terms like “Crosstalk, dejudder, flicker” etc… Really?  Does the average consumer knows a lot about these terms?  Does the reviewer? Or are they full of it?  Time to take on CNET’s David Katzmaier… to start where are his credentials?  Ah yes… here they are David Katzmaier no mention of a technology degree at all, or anything related to electronics… other than “Guru”.  Aside from playing D&D (which clearly gives you a leg up on the competition), does looking like Fargo from Eureka mean that you somehow know what you are talking about when it comes to televisions?  I don’t think so.


Doug Fargo from SciFi's Eureka

Doug Fargo from SciFi's Eureka

Crosstalk as it relates to this discussion means that there is a distortion or ghosting (another image around the first one) and it is created by being at an off angle.

It’s influenced by all kinds of things including spatial difference between your eyes (which are different from person to person).  This is 3D people, you are supposed to sit in front of your television and look at it, not stand on your head or lie down on your couch.  There is an illusion being created and it is designed around the assumption that you aren’t mentally challenged.  That said ALL 3D televisions at this point in their technology cycle are going to have “Crosstalk” if you stand on your head.  I’ve personally looked at more than 15 different brands and I can say 100% that they all “Suffer” from this “PROBLEM”.  It’s a lot like saying your car is bad because it will crash if you drive while texting and standing on your head.


He goes on to say that there is a lot of blooming which I didn’t see at all.  In addition he says it’s expensive (huh? you can get this television for $1600 on the net) which is really not the case as it comes in at about $50 more than a value brand like Vizio.  Here is where it gets really interesting, if you watch his video review he seems to forget what

David Katzmaier, Senior Editor, HDTV, CNET

David Katzmaier, Senior Editor, HDTV, CNET

he wrote in his written version.  He says that the Bravia is one of the best televisions they have looked at, the picture quality is outstanding and then he says the 3D part is kinda bad when you tilt your head (again, you aren’t supposed to do that on any 3D television with active glasses) and when you sit close to the unit (the Sony television actually has a sensor that tells you to stand back [if you are too close, he must have turned it off] you aren’t supposed to sit close to your TV didn’t his mother tell him that? LOL).  He also says it’s just “Slightly expensive” in the video review.


So why am I going on and on about this review?  GOOD QUESTION!!  The reason is I’m awarding this television series because it has the best 3D image and overall quality v. price point I’ve seen this year.   In order to do that I have to look at what other reviewers are saying and I’m appauled.


I have to say that the Bravia KDL-NX720 line is absolutely outstanding.  I have had the best time using it, nothing but compliments, the picture quality is absolutely STUNNING.  I love the user interface, they have an APP for my ANDROID phone that lets me control the television.  It has built in wifi that works really well.  I can watch NETFLIX and HULU along with a number of other things on the net, it will hook up to my DLNA compliant media servers so I don’t have to use another gadget hooked up to my TV to grab content from them.  It’s awesome.


The ONLY gripe I have is the remote control.  It sucks because it isn’t a universal.  It will control SONY brand sound systems (some) and your television that’s it.  I use a Logitech Harmony remote and get it all done.


That said I’m awarding this line of televisions with our Reviewboard Editor’s Choice Award.  It’s an outstanding device at a great price.

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