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Whole Body Vibration – Hypervibe Performance Machine Review

Whole Body Vibration – Hypervibe Performance Machine Review
Whole Body Vibration Hypervibe

Whole Body Vibration Hypervibe


Whole Body Vibration – Hypervibe Performance Machine Review

We continue our series review of Whole Body Vibration machines. Whole Body Vibration exercise enables people to get 1 hours of exercise in 10 minutes. It is so effective that you only need to exercise 3 times a week to see major benefits from your routine. If you have not read our article on this technology please do so here.

Our review process is looking at machines in the pivotal and vertical platforms as well as under 10 and over 10 G ranges. The Hypervibe machine is one well-built machine. This definitely is the Cadillac of the over 10 G capable pivotal whole body vibration machines on the market today. Whole body vibration machines are suitable for in-home exercise areas. But many of these machines lack the capability of the more commercial machines seen in many of the fitness centers. Not true with this machine. The Hypervibe Performance series machine brings a full 17 G worth of power to your personal fitness area at home.

It’s very noticeable that this machine has been well thought out, the control panel is very simple to use yet very flexible. The Hypervibe comes programmed with four preset exercise routines: balance, recovery, train and tone. Each of these programs utilizes a different set of frequencies based upon what it is you’re trying to accomplish and your physical condition. Below is a chart of frequencies that are used for different purposes. The Hypervibe Performance machine has the capability of providing up to a full 28 Hz of frequency.


Balance and Stability


Relaxation of muscles
Injury rehabilitation
Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
Mobilisation of joints
Healing scar tissue


Muscle strength
Improved Co-ordination
Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage Incontinence


Muscle strength
Hormonal changes
Neurological stimulation
Increased mobility
Increased bone density
Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
Decreased lower back pain
Improved muscle tone

This is the most powerful whole body vibration pivotal platform machine available for consumer use in their home on the market. This machine was designed to allow you to grow into the most advanced exercise programs without limitation.

2011 Reviewboard Magazine Editor's Choice Award

2011 Reviewboard Magazine Editor's Choice Award

When we exercised on this machine we could really tell the power. The machine is very smooth in its operation. Overall very quiet as well. The wall chart provided with the unit shows all the different exercises a beginner could ask for. Most of the exercises shown on this chart are static type exercises, the type of exercises a  person first staring out with whole body vibration should use in the beginning.  Dynamic exercises, phase two, are ones where the person moves during the session, like a slow push up or squat. This really adds to the benefits. The number and types of exercises you can perform on this machine are almost endless. Pure excellence one does not have to incur the national debt to own one of these machines, it can be obtained for under $3000. In order to get this type of performance from another machine would cost in most cases over $10,000. Here are the specifications of the machine:

Size (in): 30(w) 25(d) 55(h) Weight: 110lb
Max user weight: 397lb Platform size (in): 22(w) 14(d)
G-force range: 0.8 – 17.4 Frequency range: 6 – 28Hz
Platform movement: pivotal Amplitude (peak to peak): 11mm
Whole Body Vibration Hypervibe Wave

Whole Body Vibration Hypervibe Wave

Many of the machines out there claim to deliver the goods but really don’t hold up to the task. This machine never changes speeds no matter whom we put on it. No matter where you place your feet  on the plate, on the inside(lowest amplitude) or to the farthest outside edge (most amplitude) there was not a bit of change in performance.

The machine was delivered as promised and was incredibly easy to assemble. The entire process took us approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. The entire package includes everything needed to assemble the unit including a toolkit and well documented instructions. There is no question that is unanswered in these step by step instructions.

Again the area of concern is support, the support  we received was stellar. Emails were sent on order, shipment, etc. All emails sent to them were answered promptly. We even tried to call to ask a few questions and we were treated to all the help we needed. Very nice.

The machine includes with starter DVD, resistance bands/straps, instruction manual or operating instructions and tool kit in the package.  The Hypervibe Performance machine delivers the goods as the vendor claims. This is one heck of a buy and we cannot recommend it enough. For those who want to add whole body vibration to their exercise routine, this is the machine that can help you meet and exceed your health goals.  Our Editor has given this machine an Editor’s Choice Award for 2011.

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