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Whole Body Vibration Vibra-Trim VT400 Review

Whole Body Vibration Vibra-Trim VT400 Review

Whole Body VibrationWhole Body Vibration –  Vibra-Trim VT400 Machine Review

Whole Body Vibration exercise enables people to get 1 hours of exercise in 10 minutes. It is so effective that you only need to exercise 3 times a week to see major benefits from your routine. If you have not read our article on this technology please do so here.

Getting the right Whole Body Vibration machine or a good machine from all of the available Whole Body Vibration machines on the market for home is key. There are many things to consider as our first article pointed out. After you have decided on the platforms type getting a machine to meet your goals is important. We looked at the Vibra-Trim VT400 Whole Body Vibration machine.

The VT400 is a very nice Whole Body Vibration machine, this a 7G or under, pivotal/dual vibe machine. This is a very well built Whole Body Vibration machine and is very quiet in its operation. The machine is relatively easy to assemble when it arrives to your home. It ships in 2 boxes and you should have 2 people available to assemble this machine as it is very heavy. One thing nice about this Whole Body Vibration system is that it comes with all of the tools needed to assemble. All of the screws are pre-installed, so no more hunting for the proper sized screw to install a particular part.

The VT400 has 3 internal programs that you can run as a daily routine. It has a manual mode as well. You can even program your own routines using the USB flash drive concept that is provided with your machine. Given that you have 66 speeds available you can target routine by type, massage or wellness for example. The additional supplied resistance bands adds to the amount of different target exercises one can complete using the VT400. Other Whole Body Vibration machines on the market seem to have the issue that the heavier the person… the machines are known to slow down dramatically in its ability to deliver the goods. So in order to get the desire frequency/speed one would have to dial up the setting on the machine in order for it to deliver the power. That does not seem to be the case with the VT400. We had several people try the machine out to test this of differing weights from 110 lbs up to 225 lbs and it seems that this machine holds it own. As stated above this Whole Body Vibration machine is very smooth and quiet in its delivery of power where and when you need it.

Below are the specifications as listed by manufacture:


INPUT VOLTAGE: 110 Volt 60Hz

INPUT POWER: 2 Direct Current motors of 500W and 300W

VIBRATION TYPE: Oscillating, Orbital, and DualVib

SPEED SETTING: Each type of vibration can be set 0 –60 either independently or together

AMPLITUDE : Oscillating: 0 to 10mm / Orbital: 1 to 2mm / DualVib: 1 to 10mm

FREQUENCY: Oscillating: 5 – 30Hz / Orbital: 15 – 40Hz / DualVib: 25 – 50Hz

G FORCE: 2.8 – 7.35 Gs

PROGRAMS: Manual, 3 pre-set & 6 user definable

(USB Flash Drive) LENGTH OF PROGRAMS 1-20min



ASSEMBLED SIZE: 23” x 27” x 53”

NET WEIGHT: 126 lbs.

GROSS WEIGHT: 146 LBS For shipping – it is packaged in 2 boxes, 29.5″ x 26″ x 12″ 106#, 57.7″ x 13″ x 12″ 40#

Whole Body Vibration is the perfect addition to your exercise routine. It can be done at home and does not take much time. In fact it is a really fun way to get an hours worth of exercise in 10 minutes, done 3 times a week. The pricing of this machine is in the under $2,000 mark. For this price we received a very nice Whole Body Vibration machine. If you are looking for a Whole Body Vibration machine, under 7G pivotal platform this is a must look for the list and we recommend the product highly. We are giving the Vibra-Trim VT400 Whole Body Vibration a 2011 Editor’s Choice Award.  There is an excellent guide on Wikipedia you can read about Whole Body Vibration.


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