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5 Ways to Get Your Alexa Ranking Under 50,000 Quickly

by The Review CrewMarch 18, 2012

Alexa is one of the horror shows of the web.  They rely on toolbar installations and a hodge podge of data they buy from various places that basically do the same thing in slightly different ways.  (Whether it’s from DNS queries on big servers, or ad data, tracking cookies, it doesn’t really matter it isn’t accurate).

So like everything else in the world that isn’t accurate… how do you screw with the rankings?  Easy.

1) Install the Alexa Toolbar on all the browsers you use.  This is one of the most underestimated ways to increase your Alexa Ranking.  How many times do you visit your website every day?  If your website isn’t running on the same IP address then guess what?  Alexa has NO IDEA you aren’t an average internet person.  So if you have the bar installed on ALL the browsers you use,  you will get credit for each visit.

2) Shut your toolbar off (disable it) each browser is different so you will have to google how to disable a plugin in your browser.  So step one is shut it off, step two is go to the DMOZ directory and find your website in the listing.  Step 3 is to ENABLE your toolbar again.  Then click on your website and click a few pages.  Once you are done close your browser.  Do that process a few times a day and watch your ranking go down 20,000 spots in a week or so.  They buy data from DMOZ :)

3) Come to our website!  We get a lot of traffic and because we have their tracking code embeded in our website to be “Alexa Verified” guess what?  You get credit!!  So make sure you book mark this page, and come back often, click a few pages, then once you clicked a few pages (to trick their robot into thinking you came here as a normal user) go directly to your website and Alexa will track your click to your website.  Make sure you click on several pages there as well!  (It works just like the DMOZ trick, except it is a different data source so you get credit TWICE.  Instead of paying us for data like they do DMOZ, they get data from us free because of the tracking code).

4) Get your friends and family to install the Alexa toolbar on their browsers.  MOST IMPORTANTLY GET THEM TO DO THE THINGS ON THIS CHECK LIST A FEW TIMES A WEEK FOR YOU TOO!!

5) Make sure you set your home page to your website, and make sure your friends and family do the same.  Everytime you open your browser to go anywhere, you will get counted.

You should see your page rank on Alexa go under 50,000 very quickly if you do these 5 things faithfully everyday.  Cheating a computer program is easy, but you have to be reliable or it won’t matter.

Once your ranking gets up there, you will start seeing your site appear in Leadboard lists all over the Internet (Including Alexa).  This will drive loads of traffic to your website and really help you earn advertising revenue.


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