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Jura Capresso IMPRESSA J9 Coffee Center Review

Jura Capresso IMPRESSA J9 Coffee Center Review

What a huge departure from the ‘norm’ at Jura Capresso.  I’m not saying their ‘norm’ is bad either, it’s the best.  BUT WOW Color TFT display one-touch coffee centers!!! That’s Buck Rogers stuff for me (I just gave away my age).    So let’s go over some of the specs shall we?

Now I know this unit is not their top of the line unit.  That is reserved for the Jura Capresso Impressa z7 Machine we reviewed awhile ago.  BUT I have to say this machine is by far the second best machine in the Jura Capresso Consumer arsenal at the moment.  It is fun, easy to use and gives an absolutely STUNNING look to any kitchen.  It’s the thing that really sets the whole thing off.

Conversationally you will find a lot to talk about with your friends while they are waiting in line to prepare their coffee beverages themselves (less work for you and the quality that this machine gives in the way of a good cup… well let’s just say your friends are lucky you don’t have a can next to the machine that says $2 bucks a cup).

The TFT Display is really quite nice.  It has a rotary button on the top of the unit that you can twist and as you do the image of the beverage you want to make shows on the screen.  You push the button down and the machine goes to work.

The Jura-Capresso J9 uses 15 bars of pressure to extract the goodness from your coffee beans. For those of you not in the know, the 15 bars of pressure refer to a scientific measurement for pressure. Very basically, a bar of pressure is equal to an atmosphere of pressure or the ambient pressure at sea level. So 15 bars of pressure means that the espresso machine is pumping hot water through the ground espresso at roughly 15 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level.

When this happens, a wonderful thing occurs… CREMA. Crema is a combination of proteins from the bean, emulsified oils, and air. It makes a thick cream looking substance that floats on the top of the coffee. Some of you are thinking “eww” right now, but it’s really not a “eww” moment I promise! Here is why:

1) The crema will dissipate within three or four minutes; however, you will want to drink most of your coffee by then if you want to enjoy the flavor.

2) While it is on top of your delicious coffee, it is trapping gases and aroma that is escaping like water down a drain. If you drink your coffee while the crema is floating on the top you will get the full bodied flavor that you just can’t get any other way.

Brewing a good cup of coffee is a complex science. You can giggle a little if you want, but if the temperature, grind size, pressure and extraction time isn’t just right you will be left with something other than a perfect cup of coffee. Jura-Capresso does all the hard work for you. They know that you need a decent grind size, that you want to have enough ground coffee available for the water quantity so that when they press the water through the grounds it pulls away about 2/3’s of the flavor and leaves the last 1/3 sitting there (it is bitter and yucky!). Think of it like this… if you have a popsicle on a stick, you want to lick the popsicle, as you get closer to the stick… you start tasting the stick. That’s why most of us toss the stick when there is still some popsicle on it because very few of us actually like the taste of wood. The same is true with coffee. Part of the bean is very bitter. About 2/3’s of the bean is sweet and full of great flavors.

All in all the Jura Capresso J9 Coffee Center is an outstanding machine.  The new Color TFT Active Matrix Display really sets it off and makes it easy to use.  We give the Jura Capresso J9 Coffee Center 5 out of 5 stars.  If you are looking for a good deal on the J9 you should really check out the deals over at 1stincoffee.com they are having a big July 4th sale now so the savings are respectable!

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