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VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Baby Monitor Model VM321 Review

by The Review CrewJuly 30, 2012

Holy TECHNOLOGY BATMAN!!  Ok, sure I’m just out of my second go around with the new Batman Dark Knight Rises movie so please don’t judge me harshly with the Robin reference :) This VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Monitor is absolutely amazing.  WOWZORS!! If it were Batman and the rest of the Baby monitors were say… the Riddler or Penguin… we would be seeing a lot of POW and BAM flashing across the screen because the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor is kicking butt and taking names.

Let’s go with the fact that it’s price point is (at the time of the this article) $129.99 most everywhere.  Now let’s talk about why that is an awesome deal.  Full motion video (22 Frames per second). Infrared night vision. (Wow).  Supports up to FOUR Cameras and has split screen viewing on the monitor so you can see every angle.  Has a 1000 foot range (real world we say about 600 feet which is pretty impressive considering the house we tested it in has very thick walls).  Two way communication ( you can hear what is going on, and you can talk to them as well “take that bottle out of your nose!” or “Hey sweety I’ll be right in to get you, I’m on the way”). It sings five lullabies.  Has a rechargeable battery, you can zoom the camera, 6 levels of sound, vibration sound alert… and if that isn’t enough… a temperature sensor so you can know exactly how hot or cold it is in the room where your baby is.

VTech took a lesson from Apple and made a device that “just works” out of the box.  There is no scary setup, nothing too hard to figure out, no need to really even read the instructions outside of morbid curiosity :)

I would definitely say that the VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Monitor (Model VM321) is one of the best Baby Monitoring devices I’ve seen to date.  5 out of 5 stars and I’m submitting it for an award.  Excellent work vtech.

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