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Noodles and Company – An on the road review

by The Review CrewOctober 24, 2012


We stopped off at a Noodles & Company in Kenosha Wisconsin where we had a great time.  The staff were friendly and the food was REALLY REALLY good.  We tried the Wisconsin Cheesesteak sandwich with a side of Pot Stickers (Yes the very same asian style pot stickers you find at your favorite chinese take-out).  There were two managers on duty a “Jen” and “Deana”.  Deana turned out to be a friend of one of our interns which is why we decided to stop by and take a look at what all the hype was about.  The whole concept for Noodles & Company started when Aaron Kennedy decided to blend a combination of Asian, Italian and American food offerings together under one roof.  The common ingredient being the noodle of course.

There are a few exceptions like the sandwiches (which I believe are new, I don’t remember seeing them on the menu years ago when I visited the location).  The food is exceptional, fresh and fast.  They have a wide array of beverages ranging from standard fountain drinks to some non-standard drinks/flavors you wouldn’t typically find at say a “Subway”.  The beverages are serve yourself and free refills keep you hanging out in the relaxed atmosphere that is comfortable and completely capable of removing all stress from your system.  We left feeling satisfied and recharged… a great way to continue a long journey!  Thank you very much to all the staff at Noodles & Company!  Our lunch really hit the spot

20121024-164431.jpgIf you ever find yourself trying to eat someplace different… you know what I mean… don’t feel like a burger, or fried chicken… check Noodles & Company out. They have a very healthy selection, including a wide range of salads and vegetarian fare. It really is an excellent choice and two people can eat for well under $20 including beverages.




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