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IQAir NEW EDITION GC MultiGas Review

IQAir NEW EDITION GC MultiGas Review

IQAir’s GSMultiGas has long been the #1 recommended air purifier for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).  This is why we were very excited here at Reviewboard to have a chance to review IQAir’s newer version the New Edition GCMultigas.  While the original model was the “gold standard” for the air purifier industry when it came to gas and chemical filtration – these new air purifiers are now up to 32% quieter, have up to a 20% longer filter life and produce up to 21% more clean air.  For people with MCS this is nothing short of a breakthrough in air cleaner technology.  MCS itself is an extremely complicated condition.  The world around us is filled with 1000s of different gases and chemical fumes that are now a part of our modern industrialized life.  There are chemicals used in the manufacture of furniture, carpeting, household cleaners, fragrances, etc… The list is almost endless when it comes to the gases and chemicals that daily affect the health and comfort of people with MCS.  Some estimates state that up to 15% of people in America (as many as 46 million people) suffer from some form of sensitivity to the gases and chemical fumes in their homes.  And many more don’t suffer from MCS but have problems with household odors (caused by gas or chemical fumes), cigarette or cigar smoke, and other forms of industrialized pollution like automobile exhaust fumes from a nearby highway.  But best of all, the New Edition GC MultiGas doesn’t just remove gases and chemicals – it also filters out allergens and other airborne particulates.

But Which Gas and Chemical filter is right for you?

IQAir actually makes several specialized gas and chemical filters in their GC line.  With the introduction of their New Edition models – all of their original air purifiers have been improved.  This is a pretty powerful statement about a line of air purifiers that was already widely regarded as #1 (see Reviewboard’s recent reviews of IQAir’s New Edition HealthPro Plus and New Edition HealthPro Compact).  IQAir’s New Edition GC line includes:

  • The New Edition GC MultiGas – targeting the broadest range of gaseous compounds, odors, particulates and smoke
  • The New Edition GC VOC – targeting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), solvents, odors and particulates
  • The New Edition GC AM – best at removing toxic ammonia, amines, ammonia-based vapors and allergen particulates
  • The New Edition Chemisorber – targeting formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and allergen particulates

For our review we chose the New Edition GC MultiGas because along with being the best all round air purifier for people with MCS it is also the best choice for common household chemicals and odors – especially in my case for handling my pesky cigar smoking neighbor.

Gas, Chemical and Particulate filtration with No ozone, no ions and NO “off-gassing” plastic

If you suffer from MCS, it can be just as important what your air purifier doesn’t do as what it does do.  Most air purifiers are simply not effective enough to make a difference in an MCS sufferer’s indoor environment.  But with a full 13 lbs of gas and chemical absorbing media – the New Edition GC MultiGas powerfully filters gas and chemical vapors from your home.  The HEPA pre-filter captures airborne particulates down to 0.003 microns with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of 95% – trapping larger 0.3 micron particles at a rate of over 99%.  But most important to people with MCS is that the New Edition GC MultiGas does this without emiting any ozone or ions – and all IQAir products are constructed from ABS plastics.  Why is this important?  Simple – ABS plastics don’t “off-gas” any chemical fumes into your air.  Like we said – it can be just as important what an air purifier doesn’t do as what it does do – and IQAir air purifiers don’t emit ANY byproducts in the name of air cleaning.

Why is the New Edition GC MultiGas the best gas and chemical filter available?

A gas and chemical filter needs to be rated on two main criteria.  The first is how much air it cleans.  The second is the quality of its gas and chemical filtration media itself.  The New Edition GC MultiGas contains more gas and chemical filtration media than any other air purifier available.  Each system contains four filter cartridges packed with the highest grade activated carbon from bituminous coal.  This is extremely important because most air purifiers don’t contain any gas or chemical filtration media at all.  The few that do usually use a cheap coconut-shell based carbon.  Coconut shell carbon can actually cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.  The New Edition GC MultiGas also contains the highest grade alumina pellets impregnated with potassium permanganate to remove formaldehyde from the air.  Formaldehyde is one of the chemicals most commonly found in homes.  Together, these powerful filtration media don’t just protect MCS sufferers – they also help those of us who are troubled by household odors and smoke.  Now add to this that the New Edition GC MultiGas filters now last 20% longer than the original model and provide 21% better air flow and you have better performance AND better value.

Particulate filtration too

The New Edition GC Multigas doesn’t just filter gases and chemicals.  It also features two particle filters that work together to provide a reduction of over 99% of all particles (0.3 microns and larger).  First the HEPA pre-filter eliminates micro and nano particles such as pollen, dust, allergens and bacteria.  This helps extend the life of the gas/chemical-phase filters by preventing the filtration media from being clogged with particulates.  Additionally, the New Edition GC MultiGas gas and chemical filter cartridges are wrapped with a micro-charged sleeve that stops particles from being released into the carbon absorption and alumina pellet chemisorption media.

But the real secret is the 3D UltraSeal

Most air purifiers make efficiency claims based on the theoretical efficiency of their parts – usually their filters.  Unfortunately, leakage (air bypassing the filters) causes most air purifiers to perform at far lower efficiencies than their label claims.  Some air purifiers literally don’t even meet 10% of their label claims.  IQAir states their efficiency ONLY based on the total system efficiency of their air purifiers.  To make sure that 100% of the air passing through their air purifiers is cleaned by its filters – IQAir invented their patented 3D UltraSeal.  The 3D UltraSeal gives the New Edition GC MultiGas knife-edge-in-groove sealing between the filter, its frame, and the air purifier’s housing.  This means the New Edition GC MultiGas has absolutely no air escaping its powerful seals.

New Edition fan – the most powerful fan ever used in a residential air purifier

The New Edition GC MultiGas features the most powerful fan ever used in a residential room air purifier. This is why the 3D UltraSeal had to be invented.  In order to contain the powerful increase in air flow and have 100% of the air pass through its filters, IQAir had to optimize every aspect of the New Edition GC MultiGas’ design.  The two most important part of any air purifier are its fan and its filters – but every other component must support those two critical parts in doing their job.  The new fan increases that amount of air cleaned by the New Edition GC MultiGas by a whopping 21%.  That alone is a great reason to buy.  Whether you have MCS, are troubled by household chemicals or odor – or if you can’t bear the stench of cigarette or cigar smoke – the New Edition GC MultiGas offers a powerful solution to your problem.

But what if IQAir added one more major improvement? Reviewboard Best Buy logo

The New Edition GC MultiGas is now the quietest high performance air purifier 

With a 32% reduction in perceived sound the New Edition GC MultiGas is now the quietest high performance residential gas and chemical air purifier.  By placing the powerful new fan in the center of the redesigned filters, seals and housing – IQAir has achieved what for many is a dream come true.  We all want the cleanest air possible, but we also want the lifestyle advantage of a quiet indoor environment.  Now with the New Edition GC MultiGas you really can have both – the cleanest air and the quiet you need for a good night’s sleep.


There was a lot to like about IQAir’s original GC MultiGas.  Now, with 32% less perceived noise, 20% longer filter life and 21% more clean air – there is even more to like about the New Edition GC MultiGas.  At $1,199 it isn’t cheap, but it is definitely a case of “you get what you pay for” – and in this case you are getting the very best gas and chemical air purifier in the world today.  When you are the best in your category you get to be a little pricey, they are still in line with the higher end competitor pricing.  This is why we can’t do anything other than award the New Edition GC MultiGas from IQAir with a Best Buy Award!

[unordered_list style=”star”]

  • Looks – it’s really quite nice looking.
  • Functionality – it’s all there and much more.
  • Price – While it is priced in the upper range of the category they are the best and more than that they retain their value.  A used IQAir machine sells for more than all the rest of the competitions used equivalents combined.  That’s saying something.
  • Build Quality – A solid machine that will take a beating.
  • Support & Warranty – Outstanding all the way.


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