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Free Stuff on Reviewboard Magazine

Free Stuff on Reviewboard Magazine

First we are going to make this article available at the top of the site (in the menu bar you should see “free stuff”).  Any changes to these rules will be changed there, this article is a temporary notification to everyone that well… “hey you can get free stuff!”.

Everyone likes free stuff and you are likely no exception.  So how do you get free stuff from Reviewboard?  Well that’s pretty simple.  You ever wonder what we do with the stuff that we review that we actually get to keep?  You guessed it!  We give quite a bit of it away to people JUST LIKE YOU!  So how do you get in on all the free stuff?  EASY as logging into facebook and liking our fan page, and you get a second chance by following us on Twitter!.  I know… I know… but here’s the thing, we kind of got into the whole facebook thing late.  Not because we didn’t think it was huge, but because we didn’t have the time and the website is doing VERY well on the traffic side.  (SO it wasn’t a big deal at the moment)  Someone got the time and now we have to capitalize on that stuff!  So once a week we’re picking random people that like our page.  So the longer you stay in a “like” status on our page, the longer you stay “followed” to our twitter account the more likely you are to be selected.  OH ONE OTHER THING!!! YOU CAN BE SELECTED MORE THAN ONCE!!

So there is some fineprint, but I’m not going to make it “fine” print.  You have to be 18 years old to win.  If the item we are giving out requires that you are 21, then you have to be 21 to win.  At all times the law in your area will dictate this event.  If it is against the law for you to win this item you are immediately disqualified.  I’m sorry, I know… but the law is the law.  Here is the other thing that is important to know and I’m going to bold it: YOU MUST RESPOND TO US WITHIN A WEEK AFTER WE LET YOU KNOW YOU WON OR YOU LOSE OUT. A week is plenty of time to get back to us and let us know where to send your item, we give this stuff away to make you happy but to also get it the heck out of the office!  So if you don’t get back to us in a week we’ll give it away to someone that will!  Make sure you monitor your twitter, or facebook messages because that is the only way we will be able to get in touch with you UNLESS you also fill out a membership on our website and make your login name the same as your twitter or facebook page (we will look), then we can email you provided you gave us the correct information.

You are responsible for any tax liability the prize brings.  For instance should we give you a car (this is not likely we would like a new car and we will assuredly keep such a device if it were to ever come along, but you never know… so….) IF we were to give you something LIKE a car (definitely NOT a car because I would certainly keep it forget the others LOL) that would be expensive and you would have to claim it as income so you’d have to pay taxes, title, insurance, etc…  So keep that in mind, but it is unlikely we are going to give you anything that is more than $1,000 USD (generally speaking, we might do some grand prize giveaway once or twice a year that is just amazing).  OK and last but not least shipping is free in the US provided your gift fits in one of the flat rate USPS boxes.  Yup you guessed it, our editor is a cheap skate and will actually make you pay for shipping if it doesn’t fit in one of those flat rate boxes.  If you live outside of the US he is even cheaper and will make you pay for the shipping, taxes, import duty, fees, whatever it costs (no markup). (Wow he’s cheap).

Anywho, I’m glad you stopped by, have fun and know that we love you all.  A lot! I promise we will be giving cool stuff away because I’m going to be picking the stuff!!

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