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Jura Capresso ENA Micro 9 Super Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Center Review

Jura Capresso ENA Micro 9 Super Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Center Review

Jura Capresso ENA Micro 9 One Touch Super Automatic

The Jura Capresso ENA Micro 9 One Touch Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Center is well… awesome.  Just like the rest of the Jura Capresso line we reviewed, this unit is no exception.  What we really like about the Jura Capresso ENA Micro line as a whole is the idea that your kitchen countertop real estate is a valuable commodity.  Jura Capresso seems to understand that and understand that you still want a great cup of espresso or coffee too.  So they designed two systems (so far) that take up a lot less counter space, but still tow the line and hold their own when it comes to the perfect cup.  The Jura Capresso ENA Micro 1 is a straight coffee and espresso machine with no “one touch” functionality.

On the upper end of the spectrum we have the Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch which has 4 (5 if you count hot water) beverages available at the touch of a single button, something Jura Capresso is famous for since inventing the one touch cappuccino many years ago.  The Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch will make:

  1. Latte Macchiato
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Café Crème
  4. Espresso
  5. Hot Water (for tea, etc…)

It is the most compact machine of its kind with the same foot print as the Jura Capresso ENA Micro 1 (19.4 Pounds, 12.7″ H by 9″ W by 17.5″ D).  It has a traffic light display that is really very simple to use (well except for those of you who are color blind).  Green means GOOD and READY to brew, yellow tells you that the machine is in programming mode and red means you need to perform cleaning or maintenance.

One of the very attractive things about the Micro 9 is the “Fine Foam Technology”.  We are big fans of the frother; we love our foam!! The frothers have two chambers that froth the milk TWICE.  The idea behind it is that this process will pop a lot of the big bubbles that the first froth creates and so the end result is a fine, light and very thick foam that seems to last forever.  It’s top shelf!

There is a familiar rotary dial on the Jura ENA Micro 9 that allows you to make easy programming changes to how much milk is used, and the volume and strength of the coffee.  You can ‘dial’ in your settings exactly the way you like it for a consistant product everytime you hit the button.  The Micro 9 has a professional grade conical burr grinder, 5 grind settings ranging from coarse to fine.  (Make sure you are set for course if you like dark oily beans or you will clog _any_ of these automatic espresso machines!) The Jura ENA Micro 9 makes amazing coffee and espresso.  Jura takes everything into account to create the ‘perfect storm’ for brewing things right.  Time, Temperature and Pressure to create that amazing cup with a thick rich crema floating on the top.  With a 15 bar pump you get a great thick rich crema everytime you press the button.

The Jura Capresso ENA Micro 9 has an automatic cleaning cycle, and a Clearyl water filtration system that if used (and replaced) will eliminate the need to decalcify and take away that chlorine taste you are likely used to.  If you want a cup of decaf, or a flavored coffee (*remember not to put flavored beans in your hopper they are very oily and are not recommended in the onboard grinder), you can grind them in a seperate grinder and measure them into the machine through a special opening for automatic ground coffee.

The ENA Micro 9 comes with a 2 year warranty.  It’s a solid warranty, and backed up by the Swiss engineers who designed it.  We love the Jura Capresso products here at Reviewboard and once again have to award the Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch with the 2012 Reviewboard Best Buy Award.  It’s an outstanding product.  If you are looking for a good deal on one, we highly recommend 1stincoffee.com, we have worked with them for quite awhile and we think very highly of them and their customer service.  They have a great deal on the Jura Capresso ENA Micro 9 machines and they are throwing in a free Thermal Carafe, and free shipping with every order.

[unordered_list style=”star”]

  • Looks – Sharp Silver and Black color profile.  Looks great on any kitchen counter.
  • Functionality – we tested all the features, they worked well and without an issue.  We expected this from Jura they have this type of reputation.
  • Price – MSRP is $1499.99, average sale price is $1400.  We don’t have any used pricing data yet because they are so new.  If they stand up to Jura’s normal  you wil be able to get between 40 and 70% of the price paid back when you are ready to upgrade to a newer model.  So they are an excellent value and a great hand-me-down-to-a-loved-one gift.
  • Build Quality – The Jura ENA Micro 9 has an excellent build quality.  The materials are solid, well constructed and engineered with you in mind.
  • Support & Warranty – Outstanding 2 year support.  They do replacements/swap outs when necessary, have English speaking support staff, and are not afraid to spend some time on the phone with you if necessary to pin down an issue.


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