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CoffeeFool Coffee Love

CoffeeFool Coffee Love

It’s been awhile since we showed some love to our friends at so I wanted to make sure we did that during the month of giving! If you are one of our regular readers you have likely read about Coffee Fool in the past, as we have written about them a few different times.  This is no exception.  This makes the 3rd year that we have enjoyed our wonderful partnership with them and I want to share what that is like with you.

About 3 years ago we heard of a fool.  Not just any fool, but a serious Coffee Fool.  Being fools for coffee ourselves we thought we should contact this fool immediately and find out if he was seriously foolash about coffee.   He was!  Foolash enough in fact to understand our hard labor and hours of toil researching and scouring the Internet for all manner of new gadgets, toys, and products to review.  We said please sir Fool, please will you form a partnership of sorts with us?  He said what did you have in mind?  We said “Coffee”.  So began our wonderful journey into Coffee Bliss. sends us a package of wonderful coffee beans every month.  Inside is an assortment of regular coffee (the one we like the best, Foolash Goulash) among other roasts, and flavors.  6 bags in total, every month just for us.  In exchange we tell the world about the wonderful coffee and how they work so you will understand why they are so amazing.

You see the coffee you buy in the store sits there for a long time.  Yes in vacuum sealed bags, but old is old.  Would you rather have fish that was just caught from the boat or some that has been smoked and sitting in the refrigerated section of Walmart for 3 years? Me? I’d rather have the fresh fish.  Same with my beans. understands that and they roast their beans fresh every month and send them all out!

Unfortunately for you will ruin Coffee for good. After you taste it you won’t want coffee from anywhere else. So what’s the difference between shelf coffee and fresh coffee? Well… says it best:

“How do you know if coffee is stale? Simple test: If it’s bitter or flat, it’s too late. Coffee is actually known by connoisseurs as a ‘sweet’ beverage. But shush… you’re not supposed to know that. And who doesn’t want you to know? Grocery stores and coffee chains who need way too much profit margin to sell you the very highest grades or freshest possible coffee (coffee in grocery stores sits on shelves for months).”

You should really check out their coffee, they have some stuff you just can’t get from the store, or your local Starbucks. They have the really good stand by coffee’s like Foolash Goulash, but they also have stuff like $23.75 Maui which is a brand new Hawaiian bean. “It’ll hit you like an oaky stick and then caress you with a satin finish”. They have Organic/Fair Trade coffee’s from all over the world, and a wide variety of their home-made flavored coffees that are absolutely to die for. is a great place to get coffee.  Check them out at Http://

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