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LG LM6700 55 Inch LED Cinema 3D HDTV with LG Smart TV – Review

LG LM6700 55 Inch LED Cinema 3D HDTV with LG Smart TV – Review

The LG LM6700 is a beautiful sleek smart television designed with all of the latest bells and whistles that smart tv brings to the table.  The feature set is pretty impressive and I’m going to go over the line items one by one.

lgsmarttv remote3D World – A full shopping menu where you can buy or rent video content (movies, television, apps, games) that download or stream directly to your set instantly. You get a full internet browser with Adobe Flash and HTML 5 support…  the browser is a pretty sluggish and the interface isn’t fast enough (typing the addresses can be kludgy at best) so this option is not really useful in its current form. 3-Mode Magic Remote with scrolling wheel and gesture navigation – This is pretty cool, it takes a little while to get used to but it is very useful and I really like it a lot.  In addition, they have a free LG Remote app for iOS and Android that lets you control everything except power on/off that is really handy in the event you lost the remote in the couch and don’t feel like turning it upside down!

Mobile HD Link, Let’s you play content from a smartphone, or tablet on the big screen. This is a pretty cool feature and it works really well. It has a great implementation, it is easy to setup and I find that I use it pretty regularly. CINEMA Screen, This design cuts the bezel to 5mm turning the television into a nearly frameless image with an ultra-modern minimalist look.  – I covered this in the first sentence.  LG makes some of the best looking televisions available.  They have for years and I don’t expect that to change. Premium Content -Premium apps include Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, ConemaNow, Amazon VoD, Mog, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV, and more. – The Netflix app is pretty cool, the Hulu Plus is kind of limited it should allow you to use it if you have a regular Hulu account. Who pays for Hulu when you have Netflix, the audience is limited, the free version of Hulu is much larger and it would be a useful feature if they had supported it.  The YouTube thing is OK, but again the screen is rendering slowly and its a pain in the butt to get around to the video you want to see.

lgsmartLG Apps has updated with mor ethan 1200 proprietary apps from games to news feeds to tools like calculators.  Why you would want a calculator on your TV when you can just use your phone is beyond my comprehension.  A lot of companies seem to be trying to make every electronic device a one stop shop and they don’t seem to use their head when it comes to actual usefulness.  Why on earth would you spend ten minutes using their remote to move a cursor from button to button for a calculator when you can do the same thing on your phone in seconds?  I could do advanced trig in the time it would take to do basic division on the calculator app for the LG LM6700. Smart Share – Allows the TV to become a content access portal for other devices using the same wireless network, such as computers, phones, tablets and storage devices.  This is probably the single most useful feature outside of the primary function of the television.  It allows you to setup a DLNA server on your network and stream all of your video content to your television.  You can also use Windows Media Center, and several other options. It’s really a great feature, we tested it with Playon and it worked very well.

Wired or Wi-Fi capability – The LG LM6700 Smart TV is fully equipped with WiFi and a Wired Network connection.  You can get setup on your network in no time at all.  It is very easy to use and setup. Cinema 3D (FPR) – So this is a passive 3D system it has FPR (Film Pattern Retarder) which allows you to receive left and right eye images at the same time from the 3D display Panel.  The result is a crisp, smooth, clean image without flickering.  This works.  This is probably the best implementation of 3D I’ve seen.  If you haven’t purchased a 3D television because you didn’t like the idea of having to pay between $40 and $200 for each set of 3D glasses you should jump all over this feature.  The LG LM6700 comes with 6 pairs of glasses and you can add more to your collection simply by keeping the 3D glasses you get at the movie theater when you go. Most of them work well!

DUAL PLAY – If you have gamers in the house that play Xbox or any other game system then you will want to invest in a set of dual play glasses.  They run between $90-$130 as of the publishing of this article.  They allow two people to play split screen mode in a game (such as Black Ops II) only when each person puts on the glasses they see ONLY their game FULL SCREEN and nothing else.  This is one of the best gaming features I’ve seen to date for any television system.

All in all the LG LM6700 55 Inch LED Cinema 3D HDTV with LG Smart TV is a great television and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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