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by The Review CrewFebruary 7, 2013

vR-pagetop-pillowstack-1You should take your sleeping seriously.  You spend 1/3 of your life doing it and the purpose is to renew your mind and body… to recharge.  The pillow is one of the most important parts of that equation.  If your head isn’t properly supported, if you aren’t comfortable, or worse… if you are just comfortable enough to fall asleep the wrong way on a pillow it can mean days with a stick neck or a kink in your neck.  Some people have trouble going to sleep at night, too much swirling around in your head… too many thoughts…

ThePillowBar Goose Down Pillow is made by (you guessed it!) by trained pillow makers.  When I hear that I can’t help but thinking about the old children’s story about the elves who made/fixed the shoes for the elderly couple. Needless to say they use only European white goose down.  Now I’m not sure what makes European white goose down better than say Canadian white goose down, or American white goose down.  But whatever the reason they decided to go with that particular goose down (perhaps it was easier to source) it is really quite nice. When my head hit the pillow for the first time I was immediately hit with a familiarity.  When I was a child and slept over at my grandparents house… all of the pillows there were exactly like the goose down pillows from ThePillowBar.  That in and of itself made the idea of using this pillow incredibly attractive to me.  Inside the pillow is a pouch with lavender.  It makes the pillow give off a fairly strong scent of lavender which is known to be something that helps you to sleep.  I don’t know if that really works, but I do know that it was “lights out” in minutes once I put my head on the pillow.

The goose down makes the pillow very customizable size-wise.  Your head sinks down to the bottom of the pillow so your head starts off just above the bed by default.  You can fold parts of the pillow onto itself to elevate your head to just the right spot which makes it incredibly comfortable.  The pillow has a cotton sateen protector and can actually be embroidered with a saying.  This makes it a great gift idea for our 2013 Reviewboard Magazine Valentine’s Day Gift List. The pillows we received had “Never go to bed angry” and “Always kiss goodnight”.

The Pillows come in various sizes to accommodate the bed you are putting them on.  They are not “cheap” pillows, and they will last a very long time because they are very well made.  The King Sized Pillows ran about $319 each.  They have a few other products which we did not have the opportunity to test out, you can see them on their website.  All in all I would say that these pillows are very well made and very comfortable.  We give them 4 out of 5 stars, ThePillowBar did a great job.

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