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Incrediwear diabetic Incredisocks review

by Todd LarsonMarch 23, 2013

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you looking for some pretty comfortable diabetic socks that won’t cut off the circulation to your feet? (So this already sounds like a commercial) These are comfy socks, I’m sorry if it sounds like a commercial but I really do feel kinda like one of those weirdo people in commercials that are with their friend or relative and start randomly talking about some product or service that they use.

I’m a diabetic and I’ve worn diabetic socks before.  Big deal right?  They are all the same, socks are socks.  These are a little different though… my feet will swell from time to time (along with my ankles).  Usually it’s jus the right side, but when it happens it’s a little rough to get a sock on and my foot is always sore when I take it off at night because it’s been constricted all day.  Life goes on though so does anyone have a choice? You go to work everyday and if your foot is a little swollen you aren’t going to stay home, you are going to just get through it.


The Incrediwear diabetic Incredisocks seem to allow for my swelling feet.  They absorb my sweat, they don’t smell bad after I’ve worn them for a day [pullquote](LOL ROSES I TELL YOU!!)[/pullquote] (LOL ROSES I TELL YOU!!) and they go on nice and easy regardless of whether I’m swollen or normal that day.  Incrediwear claim they have a antimicrobial sock here that keeps from smelling even after repetitive wearing and infrequent laundering. I have to say I didn’t bring these in the lab so I can’t tell you if there was any antimicrobial property to the sock, but I did get a couple of pairs and I wore one pair, then the second, then the first again, then the second all week just to test out the smelly sock statement…  After a week they definitely had some funkadelic aroma but they didn’t stand up like my regular socks did when I gave them the same test.  I was impressed.

Incrediwear has these diabetic socks available in small, medium and large for men and women.  They are not cheap, but they do last quite awhile and you don’t have to wash them every time you wear them (although your significant other might not be fond of the idea should they see you don’t it… they will likely not be able to tell if you do it on the lo lo :) )

You can get them online from between $15-$25 per pair.  They are so good we are giving them the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award.

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