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How to get a free 1 Year SAMS Club membership

by Reviewboard MagazineApril 30, 2013

How to get a FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership for the rest of your lifeHow To Get a FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership for the rest of your life? (Updated for 2013)

If you are like me you like to save money and sure you can get a lot of great deals at SAMS Clubs across the nation.  The problem is you have to pay for the privilege.  After taking a good hard look at their policy regarding memberships I came up with away around this several years ago and it has worked to get me a Free 1 Year SAMS Club Membership ever since. (You can also check out the How to Get a Free Costco Membership article too)

So the first thing you do when you go to SAMS Club is head over to the customer service counter.  After all you actually NEED a membership to get into the store.

Steps to take to get the FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership for the rest of your Life:


They will ask you for your ID and credentials, etc… just get the account you want, fill out the paperwork and pay for your membership.

Now go about your business and buy what you want for about 50 weeks (almost an entire year). (Click Page 2 at the bottom to continue reading)


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  • Anonymous

    I find your idea repulsive. It is exactly why ultimately the masses will pay for your unethical behavior.
    I’m now going to take a shower and rinse my mouth out with mouthwash.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! This is repulsive. This is exactaly why cheater ruin good things for the rest of us honest people. I can’t believe the nerve of some people… Smh …. They should be ashamed!!!

    • Anonymous

      Your stupid lol – why would they have a return policy if they didn’t want you to do it? It’s people like you that allow corporate america to walk all over us. You are probably a senator (and a Republican)

      • Jed Meyers

        A lot of anonymous opinions around here. I’ll tell you this, I don’t have a problem with this return thing because when I went to the desk to get a membership the sales lady pointed it out to me. They use it as a sales tool. “And hey if you don’t like the membership we will refund you anytime”. If you are going to pitch your membership at me and then talk about your liberal return policy as a value add then it is absolutely ethical for the customer to in fact avail themselves of it. Perhaps some of these people throwing around the “Unethical Term” should go back to ethics class.

        • Reviewboard Magazine

          LOL you rock! I appreciate the defense. The fact is this is the kind of thing people either love or hate. I really just ignore the negative comments, they are folks that have been programmed to think that it’s ok to pay a huge corporation money for the priv of shopping. What they aren’t considering is you can go up to the SAMS counter, purchase your membership and before you sign the paperwork look at the clerk and tell them you are only signing this with the intent to return it in 51 weeks and they will tell you that is fine. That is not unethical. It is also quite ethical to skip that part because they offered the return to begin with. Regardless it is silly to call names or feel harshly about it. If SAMS had an issue with it they would change their policy and pro-rate it like other clubs (BJ’s Wholesale Club for instance) does. The fact is they are accommodating people who do not like to pay for a membership. That is OK. It’s OK not to want to pay for a membership, and it is OK for SAMS to accommodate those people in the interest of making more money (which they do).

    • RGAX

      Don’t you try to find every tax benefits and loopholes to lower your taxes? Is that unethical?

  • A. Nonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this, I’ve been struggling to pay a lot of bills especially during this time of the year. This is one less thing I have to worry about now.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best idea I’ve seen in a long time! Gonna go get my refund right now.

  • Sasha Mitchell

    Thank you so much! Great idea! I am going to buy you a cup of coffee with your link this is awesome.

    • Reviewboard Magazine

      Your welcome, and thanks for the cup of coffee!

  • RGAX

    It just a miniscule bite off the billions of profit Sam’s club & Walmart makes. So don’t fret about it. Its not coming out of your pocket. Those corporate officer’s are not stupid. They figured that only a small number of people will actually avail of the refund benefit otherwise they would already have revised that policy if it harms their profit. I know it because I used to work with corporations and marketing guys always discuss and debate the pros & cons of such policy. They’ll never do it unless they’re profiting from it in the long run. It’s amazing that there are so many stupid consumers as stupid and brainwashed as you are.

  • RGAX

    She’s not satisfied with having to pay memebership for shopping at Sam’s Club. So what’s wrong with that? If you were a sheep, you would probably dutifully offer yourself to the slaughterhouse since that was what you were fed, raised, cared, and paid for.

  • RGAX

    While I don’t agree with customers abusing merchandise return policy to return goods that have been opened, and used. Membership fees are different. One less fee from someone who may not have signed up for memberhsip in the first place won’t make a difference. On the contrary, sales from one additional buyer increases the store’s sales volume, thus it’s profit, and buying power. In the end, Sam’s Club looses nothing, but gained in sales & profit.

  • RGAX

    It’s different. When you buy a stereo, use it, and return it, the item is degraded. Either the store looses if it has to sell it at clearance price, or the nextt buyer looses for buying a used item at brand new price. With the membership fee, it’s different. There’s no tangible item that get’s degraded. In fact, even after refunding the membership fee, Sam’s Club still wins additional the increased sales and the resulting profit.

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