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Goldenfrog VyprVPN and Dump Truck Service Offered Through Giganews Review

Goldenfrog VyprVPN and Dump Truck Service Offered Through Giganews Review

homeVyprvpnLogoI’m sure a lot of you have heard of the term “VPN” (Virtual Private Network). Do you know what it is? Some of you may even use a VPN to connect to work when you are at home. So what is a VPN or Virtual Private Network? Well the best way to describe it is to say that it is a way to establish a secure and private network connection to another computer or network USING another network to do it. It’s a lot like wearing long johns under your clothes. On the outside you are wearing normal clothing, but underneath you have long johns on and no one knows.

There are more reasons to use a VyprVPN than just connecting the network at the office. Let’s go over a few:

[list type=”check”]
[li]Prevent ISP Throttling – ISPs will use a method called deep packet inspection to analyze your Internet traffic and limit your bandwidth based on your activities.  So if you are streaming video they will say… let you have a good amount of bandwidth, but if you are downloading files off the Internet they will knock your speed down to a crawl after a certain amount of traffic.  With a VyprVPN you are connecting to another portion of the Internet in a secure and ENCRYPTED session.  Your data packets can’t be analyzed because they are encrypted and the result is the ISP will not throttle your bandwidth![/li]
[li]Prevent Hacking – If you are at a public location using their Internet connection (say a Hotel or Coffee Shop), a great way to avoid being hacked is to use  VyprVPN.  So you are connected to the Hotel’s network, and now you put on your Long Johns (the VyprVPN) and everything you do on the Hotel’s network is now encrypted.  The same way your ISP can no longer analyze your data packets, a hacker can’t really do much with the packets of data he/she is sniffing while trying to pick up things like your banking info, and your email credentials.[/li]
[li]Employer and Government Monitoring – Prevent monitoring of your activity.  Are you worried that you are going to have a private message on facebook thrown in your face by one of those fascist over zealous employers that monitor all activity on “their” network under the guise of security?  Just fire up your VyprVPN connection and that won’t happen anymore.  If you are worried about the Government watching you well… you either have a problem in the head, or you have a serious problem.  Know that if they really want to see what you are typing THEY CAN (grin).[/li]
[li]Other devices you might not think of – Your mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc…) are just as susceptible to the issues above.  With VyprVPN you can setup VPN connections for anything running Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iPhone (iOS), iPad and Android devices.[/li]

The security offered by VyprVPN is limited to a maximum of 256-bit (which may be the limit they can offer by law in the United States, I don’t know).  My firewall the Netgear 25UTMS supports 1024-bit encryption and I’d rather see that layer of security offered.  256-bit has been around for a long time…

On the Goldenfrog Dump Truck side of things it works a lot like drop box.  The only difference is it comes free with the Diamond Level Membership at Giganews and you get 30 gigabytes of storage without having to pester all your friends to sign up.  You can purchase upgrades from 50GB-1TB of space for between 4.99 and 99.99 extra per month.  The speed is good, I have COMCAST here and we get about 8-9 megabit outbound.  Dump Truck was taking my upload of 1 megabyte per second without a problem, and I was able to download from them at 6.3 megabytes per second making it a pretty useful service.

Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are included free with every Dump Truck account so all in all it’s a pretty useful service.  You can backup your phones, tablets, and computers offsite anytime, anywhere you would like.

I’m writing this article using their VyprVPN service.  I feel comfortable knowing that BIG BROTHER can’t see what I’m typing right now <grin>.  Seriously though, it is an incredible service for a number of reasons.  It comes free with Diamond Level and above packages at Giganews and is well worth the price of admission.  You can also purchase the service separately from Giganews for $5 a month, for an additional $3 (as a package deal) you can get the NAT firewall service which blocks unrequested incoming traffic from coming into your computer. It is important to note that Golden Frog is actually the company that offers the VyprVPN service, they are in partnership with Giganews and that is why Giganews appears to be the exclusive agent selling the service. We give the VyprVPN service 4 out of 5 stars.  We give the Dump Truck service 5 out of 5 stars.





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