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Totally Wicked eLiquid Website E-Cigarette Distributor Review

Totally Wicked eLiquid Website E-Cigarette Distributor Review

We have done some pretty extensive under cover purchasing from and I can tell you for a fact that they are the real deal. I did speak with their PR people, I did get some gear shipped out to take a look at from them. However, what they didn’t know is I signed up as a customer from a completely different email address, IP address, and used my wife’s information and credit card to make purchases from their website. We even called their Customer Support people twice because we ordered some stuff, and then needed to change the order. They took great care of us, didn’t say “It was too late” and agreed to just throw our additional purchase into the box that they were sending us. This is the kind of stuff that makes companies great. Good team work, great customer service, and making us feel special. The best part is they didn’t even know who they were talking to 🙂

I can’t tell you enough about their service and products. I owe a debt of gratitude to because through this review I got my wife to test out the e-cigarettes. She went from spending $200 a month on Newport Light 100’s to spending about $40-$50 a month on e-juice (liquid nicotine) and various e-cig paraphernalia. It’s saved us a lot of money, but more importantly it has helped her breathing, she doesn’t go outside to smoke anymore (she never wanted the house to smell like cigarettes, we have grand children) and she can smoke just about anywhere she wants (Movies, Restaurants, the doctor’s office).

I have had the opportunity to look at a number of different vendors who sell various e-cigarette solutions and we have ordered gear from them, and monitored their web inventory to make sure they have a consistent inventory. This is especially important because smoking is an addiction and people get cranky if they can’t get what they need to smoke regardless of whether you are talking about the real thing or the electronic version. I’ve seen places that have slightly cheaper prices, but more often than not their inventory isn’t there. They sell out fast, and take weeks to replenish their stock. This is by far the #1 grievance I’ve seen on forums, message boards, and in e-mails we get asking where to purchase good e-cigs.

Totally Wicked-Eliquid is the best e-tailer of e-cigs that we could find on the Internet. We looked at 35 different websites, monitored their inventory, and purchased or received products from them to make this decision. This is why we have to give the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award and the 2013 Reviewboard Best Buy Award. They are reliable, they keep their inventory stocked, and they have good prices. More, if you check out their twitter account @mr_wicked, you will see they give out codes you can use to save money on your order almost everyday! Check them out, it’s worth while, and if you smoke you can save a lot of money by switching over to the electronic version, in addition to making a better healthier change for your body. Great job to and congratulations!

  • Jonathan Martin

    Very true! Great company with awesome products!

  • Richard Still

    Couldn’t agree more! Top notch products and service.

  • Charlotte

    I couldn’t agree more. TW is the company I started my vaping experience with and it’s probably the one I will end with (: I’m delighted with their products AND their customer service. A great big “thumbs up” to Totally Wicked!

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