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Sony Personal 3D Viewer Review HMZ-T2

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Review HMZ-T2

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Model HMZ-T2

Sony released their first Personal 3D Viewer (model HMZ-T1) last year and it was a pretty solid viewer which was clear to the executives at Sony because they launched a second version of their Personal 3D viewer model HMZ-T2. They are not available in the United States yet, however you can order them from eBay for about $750 USD.

Brand: SONY

Model: HMZ-T2 Sony Personal 3D Viewer Display
Display Device     OLED Panel x 2
Display Resolution     1280 x 720
Aspect Ratio     16:09
Gradation     RGB 24bit
Field of View     45 degree
Virtual Image Size     750 (1905 cms) in 20m distance
Headphones Driver Unit     13.5mm Sensitivity     105dB/mW
Frequency Response     5-24000Hz
Impedance     16Ω
Maximum Input     100mW
Viewing Settings Lens Span Adjustment     5 Steps for each eyes
Sony Personal 3D Viewer 3D Ready     Yes
Video Features Picture Mode     Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game, Custom Pure Image Realizer     Frame Noise Reduction, Block Noise Reduction, Mosquito Noise Reduction Picture Settings     Clear Black, Picture, Brightness, Colour Temperature, Sharpness 24p
True Cinema     Yes
Picture Control for Dark Adaptation     Yes
SBM for Video     Yes
Audio Features Dolby     6ch Linear PCM     2/6ch
Virtual Surround     Yes (6ch)
Preset Audio Mode     Standard, Cinema, Game, Music, Off (2ch)
HDMI CEC CEC Control     Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Fast-Forward, Fast-Rewind
Convenience Features Video Through Out Function     Yes (available in stand-by mode)
Auto Power Off     Yes (6 hours)
Wearing Sensor     Yes
Prolonged Viewing Warning     Yes (3 hours)
Password Function     Yes
Sony Personal 3D Viewer Video Inputs and Outputs HDMI Input(s) and Output(s)     1 input (HDMI 1.4a) / 1 through-output (HDMI 1.4a) Output to Head Mounted Unit     1 output   System Configurations
Head Mounted Unit     Yes
Processor Unit     Yes
Measurements Dimension – Head Mounted Unit (W x H x D)     Approx. 187 x 104 x 254mm (with bands) Dimension – Processor Unit (W x H x D)     Approx. 180 x 36 x 168mm Weight – Head Mounted Unit     Approx. 330g (cable not included) Weight – Processor Unit     Approx. 600g Cable Length     3.5m (between Head Mounted Unit and Processor Unit)
Power Power Voltage     100V AC, 50/60Hz (This product is made for Japan Market. It may require power transformer and/or plug adaptor for use in foreign countries.)
Power Consumption     15W Power Consumption (Stand-by Mode)     0.25W

Sony Personal 3D Viewer ACCESSORY
Supplied Accessories     Start-Up Guide, Instruction Manual,  AC Cable x 1, HDMI Cable (1.5m) x 1, Shield for Outside Light x 1

Note to European / Australian customers  Since the shape of the plug differs,it is advisable to purchase a plug adapter beforehand if needed.
(US buyers will not need a plug adapter for their Sony Personal 3D Viewer).


Sony Personal 3D Viewer Model HMZ-T2 – What the heck is it?

So what’s the big deal?  Well it’s a headset that has two OLED (Organic LED) video screens running at 720p with an amazing six channel Sony Virtual Surround Sound System.  There is a small box that handles the heavy lifting (processing) and the experience you get is completely different than a traditional in home 3D experience. It is immersive, and breath taking.

It’s a moderHMD_T2_basic_rn looking very tech-oriented design that is smooth and clean.  You are still going to look like a nerd wearing it, but you will be in the privacy of your own home so no one else will see you if you are concerned about such things.  (I’m a nerd by default so I’d rock these out in public while on the train going into the office if I wasn’t worried I’d get clubbed over the head and robbed (I live in Chicago).

You can watch movies, but you can also play GAMES with it, so there is a lot of fun to be had and the immersive feel makes old games come alive (provided they support 3D, many 2 – 3 year old games do).

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Model HMZ-T2 – Setup

Setting up the Sony Personal 3D Viewer for the first time is a bit of a hassle.  The HMZ-T2 has plastic straps that wrap around the base of your head.  There is a pad for your forehead and the trick is to figure out a sweet spot that positions the Personal 3D Viewer’s screens properly in front of your eyes.  In addition to the physical setup, there is a on screen wizard that brings you through the screen alignment setup inside the headset as well.  There are also rubber blackout strips that are tasked to removing any ambient light that may be leaking through.  It’s not uncomfortable but it takes a bit of getting used to and it’s kind of heavy (weighing a little over 2 pounds).

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Model HMZ-T2 – Final thoughts

The Sony Personal 3D Viewer Model HMZ-T2 is likely one of the favorite gadgets of the year.  This is still only a gen 2 product, and so bleeding edge you can’t even get it in the United States (directly from Sony anyway) but certainly worth the $750 on eBay.  The Sony Personal 3D Viewer is a lot of fun, and once you get used to it on your head you will have hours of fun.  Beware they have some warnings and what not about wearing this for more than 3 hours so keep that in mind if you are thinking about this as a great thing for kids. All in all I give the Sony Personal 3D Viewer a 5 out of 5 stars it’s a lot of fun!


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