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SheaMoisture Mens Bath and Body Product Review

by Reviewboard MagazineJune 7, 2013

Ok, I know… I know… this isn’t covered a lot when you talk about manly stuff and we are doing a series of articles for the 2013 Father’s Day Gift List.  But seriously why not?  Why not talk about good bath and body stuff that smells good or functions really well?  We decided it’s OK and if you don’t think so well.. you are probably an older dad rather than a younger one :)

So SheaMoisture makes some really good guy stuff for shaving, cleaning, (soap/shampoo)… they smell great, and they work well.  If you find that your ashy, your skin is dry a lot, or chapped, you might want to consider a change up.  A lot of soaps can dry your skin out and make you itchy, and that dry skin itch can lead to rashes… It’s not a good look.

SheaMoisture’s soaps are make with real Shea, which is natural and effective way to tone and heal skin, sooth chapped dry skin and even relieve symptoms of Eczema or Psoriasis.  To start off they have a 3 Butters Utility Soap that is kind of a one horse show. This is a real mans bar of soap that works for body, shaving, hair, name it.  It’s good stuff. The 3 butter thing isn’t what you are thinking either, it’s Shea Butter, Avacado Butter, and


“I usually dry shave with a knife in the woods, but when I do use a shaving creme I use this SheaMoisture Black Soap Shave Butter Creme”

Mango Butter mixed together.  I’m not going to pretend to know what any of that means, I’m just going to say you take a shower with it, shave with it, and you feel great afterward.  It gets rid of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, dark spots, and makes you feel refreshed and clean without smelling girly.

They have a killer African Black Soap Shave Butter Creme that really does a great job protecting your skin while you are shaving.

Lastly SheaMoisture has a great Tea Tree Herbal  Bump Preventer that you put on as an after shave elixir.  It keeps those bumps from coming in after you shave.  I like the stuff a lot.

End of story.  It’s produced with all the trendy, morally/ethically right stuff (ingredients, organic, animal cruelty free, no animal testing, made in the USA, etc…).

Easy to use, not expensive, designed and built right, and works.  Can’t ask for better stuff.  5 out of 5 stars for this line.

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