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Pickwick and Weller Smart Shirts Review

by Reviewboard MagazineJune 9, 2013

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ickwick & Weller are a company that make what is called smart tees.  Their whole shtick is that they make t-shirts for the modern professional.  The work place is changing, people are casual and creative now and they need a t-shirt that is a ‘cut above’ the rest.  They focus on the details of construction not ways to cut costs by taking short cuts.  So they pick the right fabrics, the right wash to get the feeling spot on, they place pockets exactly where they make sense, and make sure that the bottom is hemmed right and looks sharp.  They get a premium for that (between $26 and $65) but they aren’t marked up like some of the other premium t-shirt manufacturer’s because they sell direct.

It’s a pretty good vision, although they are (like a lot of other clothing company’s) a bit short sighted.  Their sizing goes up to XL.  In a country where 73% of the populous is overweight and 50% of those people are morbidly obese, they are making shirts for people that for the most part skinny.  Which is fine, but as I said short sighted.  Overweight people would flock to purchase their shirts and they would pay more for two reasons… 1) They would expect to – more material is more money. 2) There is very little selection for big people and a good t-shirt is incredibly rare.  Pickwick & Weller’s commitment to details could be applied to issues large people have like giving more front and back length to cover  belly areas when reaching up… etc… I’m sure it would be a huge success.

In a world where t-shirt companies are a dime a dozen, setting yourself apart from the pack is just as important.  Pickwick & Weller should consider taking on the mainstream and make sizes through 7x if they want to hit it “big”.

Pickwick & Weller – great stuff for the skinny folk- if your Dad is skinny (up to XL) you should definitely pick a shirt or two up from them.  We had a chance to look at the Christian Classic Fit and the Irving and they are very well made. I’d give Pickwick & Weller Men’s Shirts  4 out of 5 stars.  They make an excellent addition to the 2013 Father’s Day Gift List.

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