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by Reviewboard MagazineJune 9, 2013

macnmos[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Mac-n-Mo’s review was interesting.  It’s one of those good for you snacks made from leaves and twigs (lol not literally) but you know what I’m saying.  They are All Natural, No GMO’s, Vegan, Wheat FREE and only have 1 gram of sugar.  They are like little pumpkin cranberry deer droppings.  When you pop one in your mouth you think… this isn’t sweet at all and it’s kinda not good.  Then like 5 minutes later you are thinking… let me eat another one of those suckers…

The next day they are gone.  Most guys would probably be uninterested in them, but if you have a diabetic father and want to give him something that he can munch on without bringing his blood sugar up this is really the ticket.  I can’t say that I like them even though the tray is gone… what I can say is… if there were another tray here… sitting on my desk while I was writing this review…  I’d  be working on making them gone too.

It’s the kind of snack you get someone if they are on some pretty strict dietary guidelines from the hospital, or doctor.  It is for people who are interested in being compliant, or at least trying to be.

I’m going to give them 5 out of 5 stars, because making leaves and twigs taste palatable is not an easy task and they do well.  This is an excellent gift idea for the 2013 Father’s Day gift list if you have a father who is on a strict diet.

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