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Murray's Cheese – The Griller Pack Review

by The Review CrewJune 9, 2013

The Griller 4x6 300dpi[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Griller Pack from Murray’s Cheese is REALLY special.  I’ve got to tell you even if you aren’t from NYC and you don’t know what Murray’s is… you will appreciate this.  If you are from Chicago you might get offended because it comes with Ketchup (We are a mustard City) but don’t.  It’s REALLY very GOOD Ketchup it’s a gourmet kind of ketchup not the stuff made in a factory by the tractor trailer load.

For about $60 (US) you can order these griller packs online.  They are a great gift idea for our 2013 Father’s Day Gift List which is why we asked them to send it out.

It comes with a package of fully cooked Classic Bratwurst and a Package of Fully Cooked Andouille Sausage from Brooklyn Cured.  It comes iwth a small jar of Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup.  It comes with a small jar of crunchy McClure’s Relish (this is the best Dill Relish you have ever had from a jar).  Last but not least it comes with some awesome Murray’s Cheese.  A nice Fontina Fontal, and a hunk of Murray’s Vermont Select Cheddar.

This griller pack will feed 4 hungry people and wow what a treat.  All you need is some fresh crusty rolls to put your sausage in and some chips and you’re good to go.  As Donnie Brasco would say “Fahget about it”.

I give the Murray’s Cheese Griller Pack a 5 out of 5 stars.  It was awesome, I enjoyed snacking on the goods while we all sat around writing these reviews.  Really appreciate these guys for sending the package out for a test bite.

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