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Man Crates Grill Master Crate Review

by Reviewboard MagazineJune 10, 2013

Man Crates should actually be synonymous with Father’s Day.  If you look up Father’s Day Gift in the dictionary, there should be a picture of a Man Crate in all its manly glory.  It is a rite of passage, it is all that is manly… it is… a Man Crate.  The Grill Master Crate (there are many) let’s you grill like… (how did they put it on their website?..) a “Grill-ionaire”. LOL!

The Grill Master Crate comes with the following:

  • A big Man Crate (Complete with Crowbar to pry the top off)
  • a cast-iron smoker box (it’s about 4x2x2 and you fill it full of water soaked wood chips to impart that lovely smoked flavor to your meat)
  • Wood Chips – a small bag of just enough wood chips to put in your little smoker
  • brass-knuckle meat tenderizer (not actually made of brass… but given the name to impart the idea of how they work)
  • four steak thermometers (because using one is a pain in the ass and you can have four to monitor more.  It’s a man thing, more is always better)
  • Bone Doctors’ BBQ Sauces – (the site says 3 sauces and a spice blend but we got 2 sauces and a spice blend).  (No Fire&Brimstone Hot Sauce in our box)

The Grill Master Crate is running $109.99 and they have a Fedex Ground Home Delivery option that is pretty reasonable.  Expect to pay about $140 though to get it to your Dad on time. This is an excellent 2013 Father’s Day Gift List idea.  We give the Man Crate Grill Master Edition 4 out of 5 stars.

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