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Yves Rocher Mens Products Review

by The Review CrewJune 11, 2013

YVES ROCHER submitted some of their Mens products for the 2013 Father’s Day Gift List.  The product line is pretty good smelling.  We do feel that these products deserve some attention in our Father’s Day Gift List even though the majority of men will likely not be interested in doing so much to their skin.  I am in this category, although I have to say I didn’t mind trying these products out and I think they are useful enough that I’ll be buying some of them for personal use.

I’m going to start off with the After Shave Balm.  It’s a thin white splash that smells very “clean” and “fresh”.  Like soap and water clean.  It was smooth and cooling, and I used it after I shaved with the EJ Ebony Razor I reviewed.

For the last few years I’ve noticed (particularly now that I ride my motorcycle all summer) that my face is has dry skin patches on it quite often.  I’ve snuck some of my wife’s Aveeno and tossed it on there which lasts for the day, but it’s annoying. It’s right in the middle of my forehead between my eyebrows and sometimes it itches. Plus it’s kind of embarrassing. YVES ROCHER has a Anti Dryness Face Care thing that lasts 24 hours.  It works too, I put it on and didn’t have to do it again for two days. It’s good stuff, cheap and comes in a small tube I can tuck away in my saddle bags.  I look at it like putting on some sun screen.

This next  bit was kind of odd.  I’ve never been into “exfoliating face wash” stuff.  It’s a little girly (the concept) but hey when in Rome and when work is paying you to do it…  Another surprise though… it made my shave nicer, maybe even closer.  You put it on and your wet face and rub it in, then wash it off. It’s kind of sandy and scrapes off all your dead skin cells (like that dry skin I was talking about).  It’s got some kinda stuff in it that is potent because it definitely opened up my pores and made my skin burn/flush a little.  The shave was extra smooth and while I attribute a lot of that to the double edged razor, there was something extra there.

Last but not least was the Shaving Gel.  It’s good stuff, a lot like the Gillette gel except less expensive and better smelling. All in all the YVES ROCHER Mens products we reviewed were very impressive.  I’ll give them 5 out of 5 stars.


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