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Robert Lambert Artisan Extreme Vanilla Bean Chocolate Sauce Review

by Reviewboard MagazineJune 28, 2013

I know what you are thinking… you are reviewing Chocolate sauce… To that I have one answer.  You are damn right I’m reviewing this Chocolate Sauce.


Holy S(*@ is it good.  It’s absurdly tasty.  I was supposed to include in the 2013 Father’s Day Gift list  but we got so many things in we started getting back logged and it didn’t happen.  I can however tell you that Robert Lambert’s Artisan Extreme Vanilla Bean Chocolate Sauce is the Crack of the Chocolate Sauce world.  It is without a doubt addictive and extremely yummy.  I’m a fat guy, so I’m probably going overboard with excitement about it but it is what it is.

This is what Robert Lambert’s website says about this Chocolate Wonderment:

“A Bay Area company that sells vanilla has family in Madagascar and they import their own beans–juicy, fat and supple, the finest I have ever seen. I use their triple-infused vanilla and scrape 20 more beans for every batch, then add a touch of fine brandy in a blend of semi-sweet chocolate and 100% cacao chocolate. Floral and fruity, everyone finds something here to love.”

All in all I have to give the Robert Lambert Artisan Extreme Vanilla Bean Chocolate Sauce 5 out of 5 stars. It’s amazing, it even goes well in milk :)  You can get it online for about $14 (remember he uses a ton of real vanilla bean, and fine brandy so it isn’t cheap but it is decadent).



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