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Custom Shaving Shaving Products Review

Custom Shaving Shaving Products Review

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ustom Shaving is an NYC based operation that sells some very nice shaving gear for men.  As you know by now we are doing a 2013 Father’s Day Gift List.  Shaving is something all men… (well most men) have to do regularly. Those lucky men who can rock a full beard and trim every once in awhile need not worry, and those (depending on perspective) lucky guys that don’t have to shave because their face doesn’t kick out much hair need not worry either.  I fall in between…  I do have to shave, but only once every 2 or 3 days.  Which is nice – but it would take me 6 months to grow a beard most guys could do in a few weeks.

shaver1We took a look at a few items from the Custom Shaving Website and were pretty impressed by the quality of the product and speed of delivery.  The items we sampled where:

fusionThe Edwin Jagger 3 Piece Set –  It’s a Chrome Stand with an Ebony Razor and a Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush.  It comes with a 5 pack of double edge razor blades. The ebony handle is imitation.  The brush and the shaver have a nice decent heft to them, and feel like a good quality lower end set.  I used the Ebony Razor for a shave and was very satisfied with the results.  I go to the barber shop once a week to get a lining, a shave, and a trim to keep a solid appearance and the result was very similar feeling to the barber shop experience.  The shave was very close and it was definitely a better experience than say using a Gillette Fusion.

It took more time partially because you need to get used to the blade and technique, and partially because the blade and technique take more time 🙂

The next item on the sample list was the Edwin Jagger Fusion Razor.  The handle was much larger than the Ebony Razor, however the heft was about the same.  The EJ Fusion Razor is geared more for people that like to use a more modern 5 blade Gillette razor (in this case the Gillette Fusion) with a traditional twist.  Whether the reason is you don’t have time to shave with something like a double bladed razor or a straight edge, or if it is a preference… either way this EJ Fusion Razor is very nice.  It runs about twice as much as the Ebony Razor, and you have to buy the Gillette Fusion cartridges which are pretty expensive as well.  It gives a good quick shave, but the experience is not the same (satisfaction) as the EJ Ebony Razor.

portland_general_store_cigar_box_samplerLast but not least is the Portland General Store Cigar box Set.  This set is kind of neat, it comes in a small cigar box, the site claims this helps you feel a bit manlier… I’m not sure about that but OK 🙂   The set includes a custom mix of five samples in 2 ounce sizes (perfect for your travel bag). You get:

  • Wet Shave Soap
  • After-shave splash
  • shave jelly
  • thick conditioner
  • thick shampoo

They smell great and the shave soap, jelly and splash are very refreshing.  All in all I’d have to give the Custom Shaving Product Samples 4 out of 5 stars. The experience was great, the products make excellent father’s day gift ideas and that’s just about all you can ask for! The best place to get this type of shaving gear is the Custom Shaving website.  We like the clean design, easy to navigate way they do things and their service is absolutely terrific.



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