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How to get a full refund for Digital Goods with Paypal in 2013

How to get a full refund for Digital Goods with Paypal in 2013

It has probably happened to a lot of you at one time or another.  You go online, purchase something like an e-book, or a template, music, some other digital good or service… and you haven’t been happy with it.  So how do you get a refund?  Paypal doesn’t refund digital goods purchases right?

Well there is a way.  First let us qualify the situation… by telling you HOW to make a protected digital purchase.

  1. Use Paypal.  It is easier to get paypal to give you a refund than you think, and the last thing you want is some merchant selling digital goods that aren’t good or you didn’t get having your card number.
  2. NEVER, I repeat NEVER pay for digital goods or services with your paypal BALANCE.  NEVER.  ALWAYS change the source and use your credit card.  That way you always have leverage and an alternate route of refund if things go wrong.
  3. Google who  you are purchasing from.  It only takes a second to google the name of the digital goods manufacturer and the word scam or problems.  This way you can see if there are issues of merit/weight before you make the  buying decision.

Now say you get the site you are going to purchase from and you get your product or service bought and paid for… you wait around… and wait around… nothing arrives.  Or… you get your item and it isn’t what they said it was going to be…  For instance you purchase a template and it was supposed to come with all the PSD files for the graphics so you can change your logo quickly… and it does not.  They also said it would work with the latest version of WordPress and all you get is errors.  You don’t want to fuss with it, you don’t want to go through support, you just want to find something that works the way it was advertised.  You ask the vendor.. HEY my template didn’t come with the PSD files… or it doesn’t work… and they don’t respond…

The best thing you can do at this point is start a paypal claim.  Don’t use the website.  I know it’s easy to use, but it takes forever. You want a decision now. So go to your paypal account and click contact, there will be a choice to call them by phone and it will give you a special number. Do it like that or they will make you tell them what size color and depth the stain in your underwear is.

Now ask for the fraud department and explain that you did purchase the item, but it was not as advertised.  You asked them to fix the situation but they didn’t get back to you in a timely fashion, you purchased it so you could use it right away and absolutely can’t wait for them to provide you with what they said it came with to begin with.  Part of your purchase is customer service, and you are afraid you aren’t going to get support for the item either so there is no need to continue, you just want your money back and you are trying to go through their process before you call your credit card company and do a charge back.

Say it just like that.

You have given them two pieces of valuable information.  1) You didn’t get what you paid for and you are not interested in wasting time.  2) You are prepared to do a charge back if you have to.

Paypal is just like every other vendor in the world. They have to keep their charge back percentages down.  If they go above a certain percentage they can and will lose their ability to accept that type of credit card.  That’s a big deal when you do as many transactions as they do.

You have already won.  They will either refund you right there on the spot (which has happened to me) or they will call you back after they process the complaint.  Either way you will get your money back and won’t be hassled about it.  Hope this helps some of you out.

  • Boris_yo

    But PayPal still do chargeback. They can’t refund you from their pocket.

    • Sure they refund you from their pocket, they offer all their users insurance.

  • Boris_yo

    But PayPal still do chargeback. They can’t refund you from their pocket.

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