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Joy Yee Noodle Restaurant in Naperville, IL

Joy Yee Noodle Restaurant in Naperville, IL

Joy Yee Noodle Restaurant in Naperville, IL

Joy Yee Naperville, IL[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am sitting in a restaurant in affluent Naperville, IL called the Joy Yee Noodle Restaurant… but if I close my eyes I could literally be in a number of other countries. This is as authentic as it gets anywhere in Chicagoland and the food tells the story better than my meager ramblings.  Joy Yee is a unique spot that seems to specialize in a number of popular Asian dishes (Pan-Asian Cuisine).  I’ve seen this before and it is usually a train wreck, but Joy Yee seems to be able to hold a position that many other restaurants can’t.  The menu is filled with Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese dishes (to name a few).  Everything is authentic, filled with incredibly fresh veggies and herbs.

Authenticity at Joy Yee is further illustrated by the huge assembly of Asian patrons that make up 85% of the people dining in the restaurant (even at 2pm on a weekday the place is packed).  Joy Yee has  a cafeteria style seating encourages larger groups to assemble, eat, talk and have a great time.  The noise level is what I would rate high.  High enough that you can have a nice lunch with one person and say whatever you want because no one else could possibly hear you.  However if you go there with a group, you will need to be really loud to get your voice heard across the table 🙂  Joy Yee in Naperville seats at least 50 people.  I’ve been there half a dozen times in the year I’ve lived in the area and every time I go (I’ve been there during lunch, 2-3ish, dinner, after dinner and late (just before close).  Every time I go there they are at 50%+ capacity.

I ordered a combo which has a special Joy Yee Pork Chop Sandwich and a small bowl of Pho. The small bowl is roughly the size of a normal serving bowl you would layout at a family gathering and could serve several people. I also ordered shrimp spring rolls. I know you are thinking… “Pork Chop Sandwich?” that’s something you might find over on Maxwell Street in Chicago but I assure you… it is a different kind of Pork Chop Sandwich and OMG it is just as good!  I also ordered a blueberry mango smoothie with Tapioca.

Joy Yee Noodle Taste Test Results

The pho(soup) which has many nice pieces of beef, vegetables and noodles has a savory wonderful broth with a hint of cinnamon finishing off the taste. The flavors all play very well together and the result is a soup experience that makes you self-conscious that you haven’t put your spoon down.  The spring rolls are fresh and each one is twice the size if spring rolls I have had in other Vietnamese restaurants (please note in the picture I hit the spring rolls before it dawned on me that I hadn’t snapped a shot. So what you are seeing there are two different spring rolls that had been cut in half.  Each roll is twice that long, and the entire thing is 1 order of shrimp spring rolls. They are a meal by themselves, but I’m a fat guy 🙂  The Pork Chop sandwich arrived shortly after I was finished with my soup and it was large, with just the right amount of everything on it.  It was sweet, spicy and savory all at the same time.  The thing was a master piece of yummy.  For dessert (I could barely walk at this point, but I did it anyway because I had never had one) I got the blueberry mango smoothie with Tapioca.  It was SO good.  All in all I had an outstanding lunch, I waddled off into afternoon and went back to work.  You can check their website out here.  They offer delivery and online ordering through their website.

Joy Yee Noodle Sound Level

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