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Announcing 3D Printer Series Starting September 23rd

by Reviewboard MagazineSeptember 3, 2013

Have you been wondering what this 3D Printer craze is all about?  You probably have a friend that has one at home or work and won’t stop talking about it.  For those of you who have never heard of 3D Printing, it is a new and exciting technology that allows you to make/print actual parts, toys, and assemblies.  You can print just about anything you can think of!  Not all printers are created equal though, there are various differences in the types of plastics used, technique, calibration, and frankly finished product.  There are many options ranging from completely finished, self-calibrating units, to built it yourself.  What are the best choices?  What do you need to know?  How much does the raw materials you need to build items cost?  All of this must be factored into your buying decision.

Stay tuned!  Starting September 23rd we will be releasing a new 3D Printer review every day for about 2 weeks!  We in the process of rounding up the last few wayward printers that we overlooked, and should have a good solid review offering for you to do you research and decide if you want one. Look for the video reviews too!

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