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Best Halloween Kids Games 2013 – GAME 1

Best Halloween Kids Games 2013 – GAME 1


If you are you like us Halloween is a great and exciting time in the year where we get together with our children and their friends and have a great big Halloween Party!  What is a Halloween party if you don’t have the best Halloween Kids Games going? Kids like parties, but they’d rather go trick or treating. I don’t really like the idea of having my kid run around house to house and get candy from strangers.  It doesn’t seem safe… have you seriously looked at the Sexual Predator list for your area?  It seems like they are everywhere.  Some don’t even have to check in anymore, so you never know.  My solution is clearly to take it up a notch and provide AAA Content for the kids.  You just need to have the best halloween kids games around or they won’t want to come back every year.

The way we handle that is to throw a giant party.  We give away more candy than kids can carry, and the key here is the fun.  We like to start off with a variation from the Martha Stewart Game “Pop Goes The Pumpkin“.  It is similar, but different.  We call ours Pumpkin Pop Secret and it goes like this:


Best Halloween Games For KidsYou make a giant pumpkin out of balloons that you have prefilled with pieces of a secret clue and some small candy that will help the kids get 1 step closer to finding the stash of candy and prizes at the end of the night.  You number the balloons 1 through 35 and the kids roll a pair of dice to pop the first 12 balloons.  (Re-roll if the number has already been popped).

That’s phase 1.  They take their candy that fell, and find their clue.  They have to hold on to their clues because at the end of the game they piece them all together to read the entire thing, only then will it make sense enough for them to get to the next game!)

Phase 2 is why this is one of the Best Halloween Kids Games – it changes things up! This part of the game starts with blindfolding each kid one after another (pin the tail on the donkey style).  Spin them around and turn them toward the wall with the balloons.  Let them walk over and touch a balloon and (depending on their age, you pop it, or they do).   When all the balloons are gone you go to phase 3 which is assembling the master clue!  Once they figure out where they have to go to get closer to the sack of candy and prizes that the ghost stashed somewhere in your home!


[list type=”check”]
[li]A Few Pins[/li]
[li]35 Balloons (Get a few extra you never know)[/li]
[li]A Piece of paper that you printed a long master clue on and then cut up into 35 pieces (number them for the small kids and let the big kids figure out the order)[/li]
[li]Halloween Candy!![/li]
[li]Scotch Tape[/li]
[li]A blind fold[/li]
[li]A set of dice (regular 6 sided dice)[/li]
[li]Sack of Candy and Prizes stash it away where the clue leads or wait for the next several games we will post every few days and give it away at the end![/li]

Take 35 balloons (any will do, the bigger they are the more fun the kids have)

Next make up a paragraph or two that clues the kids in on where the secret stash of Secret Halloween Candy the ghost in the (basement or attic or some other scary place around your house) buried!

Cut that paragraph up into 35 sections and number them 1 through 35 (or not depending on how old the kids are, teenagers love this game if you don’t number it and the prizes involve something better than candy).

Now put the 35 clues into the 35 balloons along with a piece of candy and blow them up.  (So you literally stretch the mouth of the balloon and tuck the clue inside it before you blow it up; it’s easy if you got the bigger balloons!)

Tape the balloons on the wall in the shape of a giant pumpkin.  If you are worried about your wall getting poked or scratched put something behind it and tape the balloons on to that.  Their just pins, and if you have kids your walls are probably a little marked up from time to time anyway.  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders so let your hair down and “fahget about it”.  (Besides isn’t that what husbands are for?)

Have the kids roll the dice for the first 12 balloons and then do a pin the tail on the donkey round for the rest.

See if the kids find the stash (if you are only doing the one game) or see if they can figure out where they need to go to play the next game (it’s all up to you).

Have fun and make sure you have the BEST HALLOWEEN KIDS GAMES this year!

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