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Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard Review

Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard Review

Cleankeys Wireless KeyboardCleankeys Wireless Keyboard – Review

The Cleankeys Wireless keyboard is a really great idea.  The idea behind it is your keyboard is a germ factory.  In fact, most of their sales efforts are driven at the medical community because you can actually sterilize your cleankeys wireless keyboard (because it is virtually water-proof), and that’s something that a lot of keyboards can’t offer.

Unfortunately for Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard that is where it stops.  When you are designing a keyboard, you always need to keep the primary function in mind first.  Yes First.  Above and beyond anything else.  Cleankeys failed to do so.  So while you have a great clean keyboard it suffers in its basic function (being a keyboard).  It’s ok if you hunt and peck on the keyboard I guess… but anyone that types more than 40 words a minute is going to be frustrated because the keyboard has a lot of lag.  Even when you crank the sensitivity up to maximum, it’s too touchy and still doesn’t pickup all the key presses.  So it will double some presses and completely miss others.  An example is the shift key, which is a real deal breaker for me personally.  I have to stop everything and take one hand and hit the shift key pretty hard and then hit the letter or key I need to capitalize.  It’s a real pain in the butt.

Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard – FRUSTRATING

I found it incredibly frustrating to do things as simple as reply to an email with just a few words on the Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard.  I can’t imagine being in a Dentist Office or other medial place and having my patient wait as I fight a bigger battle with my cleankeys wireless keyboard trying to get their prescription printed out than I did with their root canal.

I always feel bad about writing reviews like this about great product ideas.  I feel like it might strangle a small company, or make them want to close shop out frustration.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  It’s a great idea, but they really need to retool their design and worry less about wireless functionality and “Capacitive touch” and more about response and use.  Nobody cares about wireless keyboards, especially in an environment like a doctor’s office, waiting for the DR to swap batteries or charge a keyboard is absurd.  The argument is there is no need he can keep it plugged in… exactly… so what’s the point in having a wireless device that has incredibly poor performance?  Make a wired keyboard, sans the ‘capacitive touch’ gimmick that is a hassle enough to deal with on a tablet and you will have a great product.

Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard – Sum it up.

That is the best way I can describe the Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard… a poorly implemented on screen tablet keyboard that has to rely on a wireless signal to send the characters it happens to catch to the computer…. (So think tablet or phone keyboard with laggy response).

1 out of 5 stars for the Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard.  1 star because it is a great idea, and -4 for the implementation.

You can see Randy Marsden (who is actually a really respected innovator and creator of Swype) he is the founder and CEO of Cleankeys.  (Picture below).  If you look on the desk behind him, you will see he has a 4 Cleankeys Wireless keyboards lined up on his desk. Pushed aside is the keyboard that the person at that desk actually uses on a day-to-day basis I would imagine… it isn’t a Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard…  Likely because they feel the same way..

cleankeys wireless keyboard

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