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Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership 2013

Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership 2013

Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership – 2013

Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership 2013

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are like me you are always trying to save some money.  It seems to evaporate every time I turn around!  There are loads of places that have “discounts” on SAMS Club Memberships.  So which discount for a SAMS Club membership is best? I’ll tell you!!! It’s the FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership!

Sifting through Google to find the right deal can be daunting.  Our Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership idea has been thoroughly vetted through a 6 year process.  We know it works for several reasons. 1) Because we did this for 6 years running, and continue to get our Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership to this day.  2) We called and talked to a Sams Club PR person and go their official response to our technique and they said ABSOLUTELY, it is one of the reasons they make the offer!

The reason I am telling you what the Sams Club PR (public relations) person said about our way to get a Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership is because some of you may feel uncomfortable with it.  We want you to know that it is perfectly fine, and that thousands of people are already doing it because they figured it out, or read our last article on how to get a Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership.  Those of Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership 2013you that shop at CostCo will be interested in our article about getting a Free 1 Year CostCo Membership too.

Why you shouldn’t bother with Free Sams Club Membership Discounts

Many of you have seen these “try us free” coupons.  They are not the way to go because they expire too quickly.  You really need an all inclusive way to just walk into Sams Club and shop.  That’s why our Free 1 year SAMS Club membership technique is so important.


Remember this technique works to get you a Free Sams Club Membership (Any Type)

This works on any type of membership that Sams Club has (even the most expensive business membership).  The way you get your Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership is as follows:  What you have to do is go in to Sams Club and purchase the membership you want.  Think of it as a bank deposit because you are going to get a refund.  Use the membership for 51 weeks (almost a whole year). Now before the membership expires, go back into the Sams Club (any Sams Club) and walk up to the counter and ask for a refund on your membership.  They will happily give you one.  Now you can do two things at this point.  You can purchase another Sams Club Membership right there on the spot.  If you do be warned that some of the cashiers do not know how to handle that request.  They haven’t been trained for it, and while what you are doing is perfectly fine, they may decide to call for a manager.  Sit tight, wait for them to come, and explain that the reason you were not satisfied with the membership was that it expired, and through their return policy they have addressed that issue nicely.  The manager will understand and put it through.  A smoother and easier way to get your Free 1 Year SAMS club membership is to return your membership at the SAMS club in the next town over.  Then go to your normal Sams Club and sign up to get your Free 1 Year SAMS club membership.  You don’t have to wait for the manager if the employee doesn’t know what to do, and it is much more comfortable.

Tried and True Technique works to get a Free Sams Club Membership

free-sams-club-membershipAs I said, this method is tried and true and works 100%.  The Corporate Public Relations Officer for SAMS Club said that this is absolutely acceptable.  Legally there is nothing wrong with it because SAMS Club’s return policy is open ended and without fine print of any kind.  It is an offer they tender as a value add, and a sales tool.  The policy states “The Refund Policy reflects a 100% guarantee on merchandise and Membership. Refunds on merchandise and Memberships are available if, for any reason, Members are not satisfied.”  You can read this policy for yourself here.

Enjoy your Free Sams Club Membership!

I hope you enjoyed reading our Free 1 Year SAMS Club Membership 2013 article.  Please feel free to buy the author a cup of coffee by clicking the donate button below.


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