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Waiting in line for the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c? You may want to take a pass.

Waiting in line for the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c? You may want to take a pass.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c AT&T LaunchInvestors were unimpressed with the latest iPhone offerings from Apple this year.  So much so the company’s stock took a pretty big hit.  The fact is the iPhone 5s or 5c have very little to offer in the way of reasons to upgrade.  The finger print scanner is cool, and it is a ‘first’ but there is a reason that finger print stuff never really caught on with Personal Computers; it’s a pain in the ass.  More importantly, if the file that stores your finger print information gets corrupt (even by a few bits) it is useless and sometimes that means you get locked out.  The biggest reason finger print stuff didn’t catch on is because once the novelty wears off it isn’t really cool or secure.

So what did investors want to see?  Why are you so excited about the latest iPhone 5s?  Is it because you can get it in Gold?  The investors didn’t think that was a big deal and neither do we.  Real Gold iPhones have been around for awhile, and fake gold looking things are… well fake.

Android phones control the market for a reason… they have more functionality and huge screens.  Many of them rival the cost of a new iPhone 5s and most of them are more expensive.  An unlocked Galaxy S4 is selling at Best Buy right now for $769.99.  That’s like one and a half iPhone 5c phones and quite a bit more than a iPhone 5s phone.  So… that notion of affluence and Apple iPhone can’t be the reason any more…   Is it because it is easy to use?  I can’t imagine that’s the case… I just had to help a co-worker struggle through mail setup because he took the iOS 7.0 update.

There is very little to justify the ‘upgrade’ to iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s unless a phone color is your primary reason and since you are going to put a case on your new iPhone and cover all that wonderful color up… why bother?  Quad-Core android devices have been around for awhile, the oldest of which would not out perform the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s has a 64bit processor so it is faster than the 32bit quad core processors found in Android devices, but it is fairly marginal in real world use and if you put the iPhone 5s side by side with an galaxy s4 you will see it beats the 5s in web page load times…  Graphics for game run faster and smoother on the s4 right now (slightly based on our observations) however in a few months when these games are recompiled for 64 bit processors that will not be the case.  One could argue by then 64bit Android devices will be available…

No… even though some of you will not appreciate the advice… we recommend that you stay away from the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c just from a value perspective alone.  There is no reason to upgrade unless your phone is broken and you prefer iOS.  Even then… iOS 7 is fairly different (Hitting Home twice and holding down on a running application failed to turn the apps into jiggly mode to cancel the running app… that was odd) so you might as well switch to an Android phone and get more power, more memory, the ability to put a microSD card in your phone, more functionality, and if you are feeling a little insecure…  more ‘bling’ (many Androids are more expensive than the iPhone).

Seriously… Ubuntu even has a smart phone OS for Android.  It drops in along side Android and lets you run Virtual Machines on your cell phone.  I could theoretically install iOS 7 in a VM on my Galaxy S4 Quad-Core Phone running Ubuntu for Android and have all the functionality of the new iPhone 5s (bluetooth finger print dongle) and still have my rockin’ Android phone to play Angry Birds on.

Nope… for me… I’ll stick to a Galaxy S4 and an iPhone 5 (I have to have two phones) and wait for Apple to get their heads out of their ass and make a phone with a larger screen and more power.  It’s what most people want, including their investors.

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