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Customized AT&T Motorola X Review

Customized AT&T Motorola X Review

AT&T Motorola X Review

AT&T Motorola X Review –  Rambling Like a Loon

I got my customization code the day the Motorola X came out.  The idea that I could put together my own color scheme to do a Reviewboard Magazine phone was pretty appealing.  We do a lot of cell phone reviews and some of the phones we get are pretty nifty, but this new version of Android 4.2.2 is really the cherry on top.  And dammit… I like Cherries.  We also started doing a quarterly review of the Top Cell Phone Companies in the United States so having a ‘Reviewboard Phone’ for each provider was necessary to achieve that.  We have 4 people (including myself) who have a phone and we take speed tests and count cell phone call drops, issues with connectivity, call quality, and a few other secret sauce things when we make calls.  The first of those articles will be up soon and you will be surprised what we have found!

There are only a set amount of customization options so it’s not rocket science, I’m not the only one with the navy blue back, white front and silver buttons. In fact to be honest, after I put the otterbox cases on it I haven’t seen what it actually looks like in ages. LOL but it is absolutely perfect and unblemished because of the case 🙂  I don’t regret using the case, I’ve dropped it 3 times and guess what?  The case isn’t even scratched so neeeeeennneeer neeeeennner booooo boooooo to Murphy and his law, his in-laws and their dog O’Brien.

Since it is a Reviewboard Magazine phone I’ve had to fight my boss over it on several occasions until he got another “better” phone to play with.  He’s a jealous vicious bossy boss and well… you know how that goes, you try as hard as you can to stay under the radar while putting whoopie cushions filled with fart spray in his chair. It is that damn simple.  Eventually they cave because they know they will pay the ultimate price if they do not.

Now back to the wonderment that is the AT&T Motorola X.  First of all you can talk to it.  I’m not talking about Siri stuff because I’ve been able to talk to my Android device long before Apple came through with the whole Siri thing.  Sure it was just voice recognition to google search but Apple got the idea from Android it wasn’t the other way around.  Siri basically does the same thing it is really just a knowledge base lookup on Apple servers and there are some pre-defined things you can say that cause it to do “special” things that google search won’t do like running scripts to send text messages, book appointments, etc…

AT&T Motorola X Review –  OK GOOGLE NOW

So Android responded with 4.2.2 and their version is MUCH better.  First of all I don’t have to hit a button hold it, and wait for the siri thing to slide up.  How many times have you done that and it quit half way and slid back down?  All I have to do is say “OK Google Now”.  Granted I wish they came up with something else to say because “OK Google Now” is absurd and I feel like a dork every time I do it, but…  I love it because the nerd in me is like “Ha that is so cool let me do it again”.

AT&T Motorola X Review –  Navigation / GPS

I have navigation built in to my car, but the interface is kludgy and while it is the latest and greatest iteration it lacks a lot of the features that Google Maps brings to the table.  I found that my Motorola X has completely replaced my navigation system for the car, and using it in Chicago to find some little spot I’ve never heard of while walking is awesome too.  Let me tell you why.  When you are driving the last thing you want to do is fuss around with the GPS. (Voice recognition is awful on it) One eye on the road, one eye on the screen, tap tap tap DOH wrong F(@(#*$ button, back space, back space, tap tap tap DOH it’s a circle of destruction I tell you!  One wrong move and you are clipping a grandma on the side walk!  With the Motorola X you can just say “Ok Google Now (pause) navigate to blah blah street” or “Ok Google Now, Navigate to Navy Pier”.  It will look up Navy Pier’s address and bring you there using the latest Google Maps, with Traffic, and Satellite Overlay so the map actually looks like where you are. If you use your bluetooth headset (like the Plantronics Voyager Legend UC we just Reviewed) you will get turn by turn navigation in your ear (low key) so if you have a bunch of people in the car making noise or listening to music… you can still get where you are going without even looking at your phone.

AT&T Motorola X Review –  Summary

You know I could go on and on about the AT&T Motorola X in this review.  It doesn’t have the latest and greatest processor, or the most RAM.  It doesn’t have a battery that you can replace, but what it doesn’t have is dwarfed by what a combination of Android 4.2.2 and AT&T Service bring to the table.  It’s fast, it’s able, it’s modern looking, it has a great big screen, it is durable, and it is mine not yours. 5 out of 5 stars for the AT&T Motorola X.



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