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Why Avast 2014 is bad and you shouldn’t use it #creepy

by Reviewboard MagazineNovember 3, 2013

Avast Anti-Virus Program is CreepyOver the last several years Avast has grown from a very useful tool to a big giant piece of bloatware.  It started off as a free anti-virus program that gave good protection.  It is still a decent anti-virus program.  However, the stuff it tries to do now is just too intrusive, but more importantly wrong, misguided, and down right creepy.

If you have taken the latest 2014 update of Avast you probably have noticed that your websites aren’t loading well if you use Chrome or any other browser it has an extension for.  That’s because now Avast has decided that ad networks, and social networks are to be blocked by default.  (YES by DEFAULT).  Wow that’s creepy.

It doesn’t sound that bad at first thought, but then you start seeing the reality of it.  Sites looked distorted and fail to load completely because the ad blocks are hanging on the load so you can’t see the content, or you only see part of it.  The design of the site itself is dependent on the ad so it just doesn’t look right.  The free content you are used to reading will soon not be free or will be gone because those ads are what pay for it.

WORSE – social network stuff like the like button and share are gone, and cause the site to hang… huh? Now I can’t add this article or video to my wall for my friends to see?  Really Avast? You are creepy.

Sometimes it’s just worth spending a little something on a good anti-virus program, than to deal with the oddities of a creepy super intrusive anti-virus program like Avast.  They’ve gone over the line. Sure you could go into the program and adjust the settings.  You just go up to the top right hand side of Chrome, single left click on the avast logo and toggle the ad network, social network so they are both set for allow.  But any company that would make the considerably bad choice to screw up your web browsing experience because they are “PROTECTING YOU FROM VIRUSES” (LOOKS CROSSEYED) has to be questioned at length.

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  • Michael Beijer

    Hmm, that’s strange. I have Avast! Internet Security 2014, and use Chrome, and have never noticed any of these problems. Avast is great and has saved my ass on several occasions over the past few years.

    Michael (

    • Reviewboard Magazine

      Not at all, the article was written awhile ago, they may have changed their practice. You may have been using prior to them implementing this functionality, taken the upgrade, and it used your existing settings. At the time of the writing, a fresh install of windows, avast, and chrome created that problem. Thanks for reading!