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300 Rise of an Empire Movie Review

by Reviewboard MagazineMarch 11, 2014

300: Rise of an Empire Review

2014 Film
So I finally had a chance to write this 300: Rise of an Empire Review.  I can’t tell you what a big fan I was of the original, and I can’t tell you how utterly disappointed that what I suspected is absolutely true; Gerard James Butler _made_ the original what it was.  Without his commanding presence this movie is the biggest flop.

The story line for 300 Rise of an Empire was predictable, the main characters where boring and didn’t have the onscreen presence to match 1/10th of what the original cast brought in the way of energy, and none of them convinced me they were anything more than soap opera actors.

I know that’s harsh, but I just responded to this epic commercial on television about one of my all time favorite “guy” flicks and was so disappointed by 300 Rise of an Empire  I’m filled with nothing but contempt.  Even Eva Green was terrible, her character was predictable and boring.  Let’s talk about the Ozzy Osbourne war pigs song at the end of 300 Rise of an Empire .  Huh? I like Ozzy but that was hardly appropriate and it just broke whatever spell the ending tried to accomplish. One word: Terrible.

The plot for 300 Rise of an Empire was awful, the idea that anyone would wage war (melee combat) on boats is absurd and if they did it certainly wouldn’t be some choreographed cinematic display of martial wonderment.  It would be a mess with people falling off the sides of their small boats because 20 – 50 foot swells would be dictating movement not fancy foot work and combat spin/flips.

I know I know fiction, artistic license, but when the acting doesn’t do it all you have left is the action sequences and they were fair… but nothing I haven’t seen in a million other tv shows and movies.  I could go on and on over this, but I’m going to stop here.  I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars.  The trailer looks great!  Here it the trailer for 300 Rise of an Empire below:


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