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by Reviewboard MagazineApril 26, 2014

The ableplanet Fusion NC2000BCM Headphones are a pretty nice solution if you are looking for noice cancelling headphones.  The photos on their website are a little misleading though, it shows them without wires which implies that there is a bluetooth component (or some other wireless solution) but there isn’t.  So if you are looking for something that is completely wireless (or bluetooth) this is not your answer.

The ableplanet Fusion NC2000BCM headphones sound great.  They have a control wire that plugs into the right side.  With them control wire you can do things like answer and hang up calls, and control your music/volume.   The ableplanet Fusion headphones have a good sound to them, you have to charge them up (lithium-polymer) and turn them on to get the “powered sub” but without power they sound great too.  The noise cancelling works very well.

On the sound side of things I have to say the bass is rich and deep (with power turned on), the mid-ranges and warm and right, and the highs are very accurate without being shrill. That said there is a little ear fatigue but I feel like it comes more from the fit than the sound output.  I have a large head (I wear a XXXL Helmet) so while they did fit, they were a little snug.

I’d give the ableplanet Fusion NC2000BCM Headphones 4 out of 5 stars.  They are a great set of Noise Cancelling Headphones for under $400 (U.S.)  We are also giving it a 2014 Reviewboard Best in Class Award.

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