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Spree Sports Headband Review

by The Review CrewJune 4, 2014
Editor's Pick

Spree Sports Headband

I’m sure by now you have at least heard about the new Spree Sports Headband.  It is one of a gaggle of new products released in the last few years that have some fairly impressive fitness applications.  They usually interface with your smart phone and give you data like speed, calories, distance, etc.. etc..

The thing that sets the Spree Sports Headband apart from the competition is that is tracks your BODY TEMP which is kind of a big deal.  In addition the Spree Sports Headband is a… HEADBAND.  I’ve never been one to wear a headband but since I’ve been testing the Spree Sports Headband I’ve really taken a liking to it.  I sweat profusely and I’m always wiping it from my eyes.  That my friends is a thing of the past.  So I think the coolest thing about the Spree Sports Headband is the fact that it is actually USEFUL as static non-tech device.

The Spree Sports Headband is also the only device that I know of that uses plethysmography. I can only assume that they achieve this by measuring the amount of blood flow going through the vessels in  your head.  All the data that your Spree Sports Headband collects streams to your smart phone where the Spree App takes the information and presents it in an incredibly useful form.  You can view the data real time, so you know if you are overheating for example and can get something to drink and slow it down.  This is a great way to avoid a heart attack or a stroke :)

The way the Spree Sports Headband is constructed is pretty simple.  It is a headband with a notch in it (for lack of a better word).  The functionality comes from a small square box that fits into the notch and is held by the band up to your forehead.  The device collects all the necessary data and streams it to your phone real time.

While you have the Spree Sports Headband on and running, it sends the information on your body temperature, distance, speed, heart rate, and burned calories.

You can customize a workout and see where your heart rate is, how many calories you have burned (and have left) etc.. etc..  This means if you want to burn 500 calories (not run / walk xx distance) you can set it for 500 calories and do that, it will count down the calories you have left.  Pretty cool if you are trying to lose weight, taking in 1800 calories and burning 500 of them off before you sleep for the night could make a dramatic difference in your results.  I’m just using that as an example and you should check with your doctor before starting any type of weight loss program.

The idea here is to get the X all yellow.  Yellow means you are “in the zone” for maximum efficacy where blue and red mean you are either too cold or too hot respectively.  Of course it does the logging and history data too so you can go through and look at your progress.

All in all I think the Spree Sports Headband is the best device available in today’s market for accurately tracking your fitness data real time, and logging that data into a management, useful tool.  If you are a fitness nut, trying to lose weight, or someone in between you should consider picking one up. I give it 4 1/2 stars, and nominate it for a Reviewboard Editor’s Choice Award.


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