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Is your neighbor spying on you? Consumer Drones are the new thing and you would be surprised who has them.

by Reviewboard MagazineAugust 11, 2014

Fully autonomous drones are now available and for about $1,000 USD anyone can get them.  You heard me right.  I said drones.  We have one here, it’s called the LA100 from Lehmann Aviation and coupled with a GOPRO HERO 3+ you can just toss it in the air and 5 minutes later have a full aerial survey in 1080p hi-def video.  It’s silent, small (about 2 feet wide) runs on electricity and since it climbs up to 500 feet you can’t see it or hear it…   The thing is… it can see and hear you.

You don’t have to steer it, land it, or do anything at all to control it.  It has a computer system, GPS, and flight navigation system that is completely automated.  In other words, even the little old lady across the street could use it!

There are some extremely handy reasons to have one.  For instance farmers could get a really good idea of what is going on in their fields.  It’s also a lot of fun, and of course you can spy on your neighbors :)  The LA100 is the low end of the spectrum, there are quite a variety of drones available to the consumer it is really just about how much you can afford.  Longer flight times, iPad controlled flight paths, and loads of other options are available.

The body is made out of a very light but sturdy foam, it has a carbon fiber plate with the electronics stuffed into it and two camera mounts (both of which can be loaded for double the pleasure double the fun).

The LA100 starts at about $1,000 and is available by going to this web link.

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