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How to install PNGOUT on Ubuntu 14.04 Server

by Reviewboard MagazineAugust 23, 2014

How to install PNGOUT on Ubuntu 14.04 Server


It is really pretty dead simple so don’t get nervous ;)  Watch the video if you want to just see it done.

Login to your Ubuntu Box and type the following commands: (*Note I login as root so I don’t have to type Sudo, typing sudo isn’t strictly necessary on all these steps but as an afterthought I went in and added it for people who might run into an issue.  It won’t hurt you to type sudo regardless, as long as you are not logged in as root.)

sudo cd /opt

sudo wget  (***NOTE This address will likely work for a few years, however, you might need to change this should this link not work, if so go to and get the address for the Release Dynamic Linux version)

sudo tar xvfz pngout-20130221-linux.tar.gz

sudo cd pngout-20130221-linux

sudo ls -al

Now look at the directory.  You will  most likely need x86_x64 so that is how we are going to proceed, however if you have any of the other processors in that directory than CD to the directory with your processor and skip the next step.

sudo cd x86_x86

sudo cp pngout /usr/bin

drumroll…. you are done.



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