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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

by August 20, 2014
Build Quality

I'm giving it a build quality of 3 out of 5. It is a good build quality but too flexible and that touch screen issue I referred to in the article is a real problem. The only way around it is to have it in an Otterbox case that prevents it from bending. The case protects it, but makes it a lot bigger... That's an issue for a lot of people as they purchase it because it is so thin and big.

Price Point

The price point is on par with other devices with similar feature sets and reputation. I think it is a fair asking price.


The feature set is large and robust. It would be cool if the fingerprint sensor worked better, I got jazzed about using it and then got tired of entering my "Just in case the fingerprint thing isn't working" pin after xx attempts. I was so jazzed it took me 3 days to get sick of entering my pin 1/3 times and averaging 3 fingerprint swipes to get in. Gestures work OK, S-Health is phenomenal and cool as heck... and WOW universal remote!! The couch potato in me is riding the high, let me tell you... I was in Jersey Mike's and they were watching the Soccer thing (world cup whatever) on it... I turned the channel because... what? really? Sports? Umm... NO.

AwardsEditor's PickHot!

S Health is awesome
Huge 5.1" display
Universal Remote built in
Heart Rate monitor


Fingerprint sensor sucks (seriously)
Camera is slow randomly and I've missed shots because of it
Because it is thin and large it is bendy, this can cause touch screen issues

Price Point
Price Point
Quality of Build
Feature Set
Resale Value
Design / Look
Existing Consumer Opinion
Functions as Advertised
Bottom Line

Some of the features don't work very well in practice. The Camera is randomly sluggish and when that happens you are missing your shot unless it is a group of adults standing in place saying cheese. The fingerprint sensor sucks so bad I want to swear right now. SH*T. SH*T. The screen is thin and large so it is bendy. If if bends too much (half a mm in any direction) you can create an issue with your display where it becomes unresponsive (because the touchpoints are being set off without touching it). You can avoid that by using a Otterbox case which we recommend.

Price Point
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samsunggalaxys5The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 is really an outstanding phone.  There are some quirks that I don’t care for, but that is to be expected no matter what phone you end up with.  Is it water proof?  NOPE.  It is water resistant but you don’t want to run around testing that.  If your battery case is slightly off, or you forgot to plug your charger port up your phone is done.  It’s better for… OH SH*T I left my phone on the laundry basket and dumped the laundry in the washer NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Now all you have to do is remember to get it in 30 minutes…   If you have the Otterbox LifeProof case you are good to go, let that sucker finish the cycle because then your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof and by circumstance clean as heck.

I know I touched on a lot of issues, but I have to say overall I love the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5.  For the love of God it has a BATTERY THAT CAN BE CHANGED!!! WHOOT! That alone is kiss worthy. It is fast, has a universal remote (see my comments in features) and wow the screen is big, bright and beautiful. The AT&T Service was absolutely terrific, fast, and never dropped a call.  You can root the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 and you can even ROM it if you are a nerd.  You won’t want to do that until your warranty is up because if you do, say good bye to the warranty.  There isn’t much of a reason to do either one of them, there isn’t a ton of bloatware on the AT&T version (I haven’t seen Verizon’s version), and the custom Samsung apps are worth having.

It also has some really nice gadgets like the Gear Fit 2 and the Gear 2 Watches that interface directly with it and provide additional functionality (Reviews to follow shortly).  The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely worth having.


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