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Worried about World War 3 and the Ebola Outbreak? You might want this cool Radiation Detector.

by August 15, 2014
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Geiger Muller tube: SBM-20-01 (2 pcs.)
Measuring Method: Gaseous Ionization
Range of indicated background radiation level: from 0.03 to 1,000 μSv / h
Range of indicated background radiation level: from 3 to 100,000 μR / h
Operating temperature range: from -20 to +60 ºC


Ultra fast response (9 - 10 seconds for a reading)
Dual sensors
Stores data for up to 3 years
Transfer data to your PC or MAC
Resale value on eBay seems to be about 70% of MSRP used. That is excellent.


Cannot measure energy of radiation - no spectrographic information
Will not measure high radiation rates due to dead time
Sustained high radiation levels will degrade fill gas

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Price Point
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This is an excellent consumer/prosumer grade device that will give you a fairly accurate idea of what is going on in your home or work environment. We recommend that you get one, even if you split the cost with a few friends and share it. The resale value on eBay is very high, after you figure out what is going on you can certainly pass it on to someone else and get about 70% of your investment back.

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The SEOKS Dosimeter Quantum (Geiger Counter/Radiation Detector) Review

Seriously though, there a bunch of reasons to actually have one of these things around the house or office.  Ever wonder how much radiation you are being exposed to while you sit in front of your computer, laptop, tablet, phone or television?  You don’t need to wonder, just fire up the SEOKS Dosimeter Quantum and actually find out.  It will even give you some numbers that indicate what your exposure (cumulative) has been over the last year or two.

So why is this important?  Well for one thing – sometimes when stuff gets old or banged around it starts to leak radiation that it shouldn’t.  Old CRT televisions are a perfect example, you could get a massive dose of radiation from one of those things.  Portable electronics are no exception, and neither is your computer, LED flat screen television or anything else that is electronic in your house.  You would be surprised what gives off radiation (even in acceptable doses).

As G.I. Joe says “Knowing is half the battle”.  The other half is the ability to say… move your screen back 6″ to 1′ to reduce your exposure.  You could move your chair or couch further away from the television, etc…  There are all kinds of small tweaks that could make your life safer and possibly prevent you from coming up with cancer.  For instance putting a laptop on your lap… sounds harmless enough but does your laptop ever heat up to the point where it is almost burning your legs?  Radiation?  You should check in to it because guess where that is sitting?  Over your genitals and testicular and ovarian cancer is nothing to play with.  Of course it could be a hot battery too.  Be safe instead of sorry.


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