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epoch design Radia Twin Loft Bed Review

by October 13, 2014
Build Quality

The Build Quality is excellent. Hardwood, Metal on Metal connections and Mortise and tenon joinery. Top notch all the way.

Price Point

For the quality of the offering the price point is dead on.


A bed, and a comprehensive computer desk all in one small space. It has it all.

AwardsBest of 2014Editor's Pick2014 Best Buy Award

Made of hard wood
Non-toxic lead free finish
Meets all CPSC & ASTM Safety Standards


None really

Price Point
Price Point
Quality of Build
Feature Set
Resale Value
Design / Look
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Functions as Advertised
Bottom Line

The Radia Twin Loft Bed by epoch Design is a home run. If you have about $1300-1500 to spend on a bed this is the way to go. (Remember the bed is about $1000 and you have to get a chair and mattress to go with it. So we are figuring on $300-$500 including shipping)

Price Point
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The epoch design Radia Twin Loft bed is a very sleek looking well designed bed for any child over 6 and under 12 (in our opinion).  The bed is well made, has a great design that really makes the valuable space in a kids room work well. Let’s face it bunk beds are always fun and the majority of kids that sleep in them want to be on top.  On the bottom instead of a second bed you have a well constructed computer desk with several drawers, cabinets, and a cubby hole to put everything a kid needs to play games and do homework away.

The bed itself is constructed of Birch wood and Birch veneers.  Birch is a hardwood and the bed is a big upgrade from say… something you would find at a Walmart made out of particle board (or sawdust and glue).  The Radia twin Loft Bed has a multi-coat lacquer finish, mortise and tenon joinery and metal to metal hardware connections to increase safety and stability.

The integrated “Work Space” (although I’m not sure I’d call anything that had to do with kids work) includes a ladder, safety side rails, sliding pegboard with wire baskets, sliding cork board, printer tray, alarm clock tray and a rolling media cart.

What it doesn’t come with is:

A chair
A Mattress

You can find chairs just about anywhere, and the Radia Twin Loft Bed accommodates any standard twin size mattress.

All in all it is a very nice configuration, it is durable, and designed well.  It’s also a pretty good deal at about $1,000 on the Internet.  The resale value looks to be around $400. We’re giving Radia Twin Loft Bed by epoch designs a 2014 Reviewboard Best Buy Award.

Best Buy Award

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