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Review: The Rage: Zombie Generation (Graphic Novel)

by Shadow LockedOctober 17, 2014

A new pandemic virus has spread across the globe turning the infected into mindless, violent killers, hungry for blood, yadda, yadda, yadda…. Yes, we’ve heard this one before but before you yawn and slowly back away, wait a moment, because Titan Comics’ new release Zombie Generation,  the first volume of their new series The Rage, has something new to offer and it’s not a bad premise.

You see, the only people infected by this new virus are children, and the story begins two years into the pandemic when all of the world’s under fourteen population have been locked away in internment camps until a cure can be found, because if all the children in the world are wiped out just to be on the safe side, then the human race will become extinct pretty damn quick.

Before being placed in quarantine, all of the children were injected with hormonal markers which become active once they hit puberty, at which point their hormones destroy the virus if they are immune at which point they become normal and in danger of being torn apart by those who remain infected, bloodthirsty monsters.

Enter Amina, a young French mother who has volunteered to be on a removal team, who go into the infected communities to retrieve the children whose markers have activated and have become normal. Amina has a secret, though. Her only surviving child is in one of these camps and she is on a mission to save him, not only from the infected children, but from The Militia who believe that the only way to be certain of destroying the pandemic is to destroy all children.

In a saturated zombie market, The Rage stands out with its refreshingly different scenario. Amina is a likable and very capable young woman who will stop at nothing to find her boy, but to her quest is further complicated by the fact that her husband Fred is with The Militia, as she discovers when she runs into him on her first removal mission.

Writer Pierre Boisserie has crafted a reasonably original tale in the sea of stinking corpses that the zombie fiction market has become, and Malo Kerfriden’s art and Boubette’s colours illustrate the story with crisp illustrations, making for an enjoyable reading experience.

This first collection, Zombie Generation, nicely sets up the premise of The Rage, using flashbacks of the virus impacting on Amina and Fred’s family to show us the origin of the pandemic, and promises to take us on a zombie adventure that is different enough from the run of the mill fare to make a return visit worthwhile.

The Rage Vol. 1: Zombie Generation is on sale 8th October from Titan Comics.

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