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NeatConnect Review

by  on November 12, 2014
Editor's Pick
Build Quality

Excellent, durable heavy plastic case.

Price Point

Kind of high. I think it is easy to justify the expense if you factor in all of what it does. It is not merely a scanner, but rather a total way of managing/organizing your documents.


Scans both sides, scans receipts, has slots for small receipts, business cards, and full documents, 600 dpi scans, up to 48 images per minute (in duplex mode) 24 ppm in simplex (single) mode. Scans to dropbox, and other popular cloud platforms, ftp, and has a free trial for Neat's cloud platform. OCR auto extracts key tidbits of information from the documents you scan so you can find them quickly by searching for specific criteria.

AwardsEditor's Pick

Easily Scans and Manages documents, business cards, receipts, etc...
Will scan directly to popular cloud interfaces (including Neat's own cloud)
Will scan directly to email or ftp
Doesn't require a computer to do any of this (huge perk)
Scans both sides of a document at the same time
Doesn't just scan but extracts key information from the documents and puts them in various fields allowing you to search for specific things.


It's pricey

Price Point
Price Point
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Bottom Line

The NeatConnect is an excellent time savings tool. You can scan everything related to your business and it will manage it automatically. When tax time hits you can pull up all of your receipts or search for them and then print them out.

Price Point
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I remember when the first Neat products came out. They were on television and they were revolutionary.  At the time no one had ever heard of an intelligent scanning system that automatically organized things in a clear and concise way.  In fact, if you are anything like me you dread the entire idea of manually organizing documents and receipts.  That’s why the Neat product line really appeals to me.

In theory it is great, so how about in practice?

Glad you asked :)  The setup couldn’t be easier, you don’t even need a PC to do it.  If you want to scan to the cloud or to another computer on your network (like an FTP server) you will need to give it your wifi credentials.  If you hide your SSID broadcast neat won’t see it, but go ahead and disable that because almost any wifi sniffing tool on the planet knows how to pull the SSID from your network even with it off.  You are doing nothing for your security and making life miserable for yourself should you need to install devices that aren’t so network savvy.

The interface is dead simple to use.  I tested this by letting my 9 year old grandson who had no previous scanning experience with any neat device scan a document to dropbox.  He drew a picture for me, then I told him to walk over to the scanner and see if he could send it to dropbox.  It took him about 60 seconds to figure it out and about 90 seconds later it was on dropbox. I was impressed with him and NeatConnect.

The bottom line is this:  If you are looking for something easy to use that will handle your important documents, keep track of your receipts and back them up to the cloud you have found it. 4.5 out of 5 stars for the NeatConnect.  It’s an excellent product.

I’m also going to award it with an Editor’s Choice Award.

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